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best handheld garment steamer reviews

Well, the days of iron are over. At least inside the home, previous trends of ironing are closing its departure from the world while handheld garment steamers are taking over their roles. It’s a new technology aimed at giving your cloth a good look and perform the tasks, iron used to do, in an all-new- super fast and unique manner.

We have brought in 12 steamers to provide you with the best handheld garment steamer reviews. 

Best Handheld Garment Steamers

best portable garment steamer reviews

These smart looking devices can perform various tasks without the need for much space or time. They can be used without an iron board and your shirts can be ironed while they’re inside the cupboard. So, you can quickly get your dresses free of wrinkles and save yourself from reaching your office late.  

These devices can also remove odor and dust. Further, while traveling just put this light stuff inside your bag and get wrinkle-free clothes anywhere in the world. They’re not super heavy like traditional irons with their steel plates and all. So, you get a gentle-looking traveling experience with this new tech!  

Let’s look at some of the best handheld garment steamers now. 

Beautural handheld garment steamer

In our best portable garment steamer reviews first in our list comes the Beauturual 1200 Watt handled garment steamers. Beautural is quite known in the market of handled steamers and this one comes with various features as well.  

Beautural claims this technology to be effective against wrinkles and believes in the quickness of its actions. One of the main reasons as to why you wanna buy these handheld steamers is to get rid of the tiring and lengthy process of traditional ironing.  

Well, Beautural says that it takes only 30 seconds for this machined to preheat. Further, this is detachable with 260 ml water tanks.

Beautural predicts that it would give you a steaming of 15 minutes, which should be enough to get your office clothes ready. 

If it heats well and does the ironing good, the flexibility it offers is just amazing.  

Fabrics are something that you should keep in mind before you use any sort of steaming. Well, this device as the manufacturer states, is safe to be used on all types of fabrics – which include cotton, polyester, silk, wool, linen, etc.  

They also state that these devices can be used on clothes, toys, sofas if it’s effective against all these- we’d say its great!  

Beautural also states that their design is leak proof. Spilling water during ironing can be messy and uncomfortable, but if you get a complete leak free device as Beautural claims it to be then we’d say it’s quite nice!  

beautural handheld garment steamer
beautural handheld garment steamer
(New Model)


Different Attachments Detachable Handled Device 24 Month Warranty Carriable


Electrical issues may occur

Perfect Day Garment Steamer

Next in line is the Perfectday Garment Steamer. This is a bit less power-hungry than the previous one – it takes 800 watts so it will save some bucks on your electric bills.  

The quality of this device is premium and long-lasting as stated by the manufacturer Perfectday. The nozzle is something that Perfectday believes will be effective to help your clothes with water vapor.  

Dust is always an issue with clothes. This device comes with a fur brush which you can use to get rid of extra dust.  

One thing that most of the handheld garment steamers always focus on is its flexibility. The fabric steamer is portable. Not as heavy as irons and removable nozzle head will give you extra advantage to let it fit inside your suitcase.  

You should always consider getting a steamer that suits your clothes fabric. If the device is not suitable for your fabric, it may ruin the cloth completely. Well, Pefrectday believes this steamer to be effective on all sorts of fabric types.  

Auto shut off technology is another of its features. Perfectday states that this device has a technology that senses the amount of heat it is generating. If the heat level gets too high- the device shuts down automatically. It sounds like a brilliant technology if what they say is correct.

Tank capacity is important – this steamer has a tank capacity of 100 ml lower than the previous one but Perefectday holds it, that it will give you 10 minutes of steam.  

Guarantee and Warranty are also one of its positive sides. Perfectday gives you a 30-day moneyback guarantee which is awesome! Further, they’re offering you a warranty for 1 year period.  

perfect day garment steamer


Added Fur Brush
Low Power Consumption
Removable Nozzle
Warranty and Guarantee


Can have electrical issues

Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer

This one on the list is just a premium one. It’s not like the regular garment steamer brands, rather it stands on an all too different level from the rest.  

The first thing I should mention about this is the manufacturer of this electric device. As you know, in terms of buying electric devices we tend to prefer a renowned brand. Well, Conair is in the business since 1959 and is based in Connecticut- the US.  

So, the brand is based in the US and trustworthy. Further, there are multiple features installed in the device lets get a closer look at this garment steamer.  

This device as stated by Conair releases the disturbing wrinkles in your clothes instantly giving you a stylish and professional outlook.  

Heat up time is a matter of discussion in the market of garment steamers. Conair states that this product of theirs can heat up within only 40 seconds.  

Another feature Conair adds in this steamer is the multiple output options. Just as the name suggests it has a Turbo mode in terms of output. Secondly, it has a Standard output option as well.  

Water tank, yes as you already know this is also a matter of high importance while discussing steamers. This steamer can hold 7.3 ounces or around 206 ml of water within its water tank. Conair thinks it will give you about 15 minutes of steam. 

This steamer is the most power-hungry beast by far, eating up a staggering 1550 watts.  

Yes, we wanted to mention it earlier, the design. The design of this steamer is quite nice. It comes in 6 different color options starting from Plum to water/green.  

Some attachments come with it as well. 3 in 1 attachment is included in this device.  

On the steamer head, it has a bristle brush. Which is expected to loosen up the tight fibers and help the steam reach deeper into the cloth. 

It also has a built-in quick creaser option. So that you may get perfect pleats and folds.  

All in all its quite good and one of the best handheld garment steamer around. 

conair turbo extreme steam handheld fabric steamer


Positive Brand Image
Beautiful Design
Based in the US
Color options


High Electricity Consumption

Rowenta Handheld Garment Steamer (DR8120 X-Cel)

At the fourth spot, it’s another premium garment steamer. This is one of the best portable handheld garment steamer in the market and its made by Rowenta.  

Again, the importance of a renowned and a brand with positive history plays a serious role in terms of choosing a product from the other product lines.  

Rowenta is a German manufacturer who focuses on making household appliances. The company isn’t new either, they started their business in 1884 and still going on.  

This one is even more power-hungry than Conair Turbo 1500 watt. Rowenta DR8120 X requires 1600 watts of power to run. So, as you can guess its quite strong.  

Let’s come to the water tank factor. Like the previous ones, this steamer has a 200 ml water tank. 

Rowenta states that this monster takes only 40 seconds to heat up! Further, they expect this machine to steam your clothes really fast!  

The other brands didn’t talk about this the way Rowenta does. It’s not just something that you’re gonna steam your clothes with. Rowenta believes it will kill 99.9% of the germs and dust mites that may exist inside your clothes or other stuff including furniture and curtains.  

De-wrinkling is one of the key features that you may wanna go for a steamer. Well, Rowenta says that wrinkled areas of your clothes are a thing of the past because of the sheer strength of this steamer.  

They too state that you have the freedom to steam any type of fabric.  

To provide you with flexibility Rowenta puts a long 9.84-foot cord. With a cord this long, you should be able to move freely while steaming your clothes.  

The built-in water tank also allows you unbreakable movement.  

You’ll also be given multiple useful accessories that can aid your steaming. They’re giving you a fabric brush which may help you to brush away wrinkles.  

You’ll also be given a crease attachment for pant or jacket creases.  

Rowenta says it has a steam bonnet which they believe works as a key element in terms of preventing water dripping. 

All in all its really good and one of the best handheld garments steamer 2019.

If you want more options, then check out our Rowenta xcel steamers Review.

rowenta handheld garment steamer


German Brand
Nice design
1600 Watts
Long Power Cord


Some May Find it Expensive

Minetom garment Steamer

After some premium reviews, let’s get down to a bit more economic choice. Minetom brings steamer within a moderate price range. This steamer works on 1000 watts and is portable.  

There is one strength in this steamer. That is, it has a 260 ml water tank within an affordable price range. You won’t get many steamers offering this much water tank space at the price point.  

As usual, Minetom claims its’ steamer to heat up within 40 seconds. It’s quite good given the validity of their information.  

You can use this steamer for both purposes. First, you can use it inside your home and secondly you may use it while traveling depends upon your choice.  

It comes in white color with an aqua-colored big water tank. The design looks quite nice and stylish.  

Let’s come to the mechanical part of the steamer. Minetom believes this steamer will help you get rid of wrinkles quickly and they also go onto state, that while getting rid of the wrinkles it won’t hurt the fabric of the clothes.  

It, as the manufacturer says, can be used for cleaning and sterilizing purposes as well.  

We talked about many features but we’ve left out one thing for sure. That is perhaps the most important in terms of using an electric product especially if it involves heating. If this malfunction- it can cause serious electric issues as well as can also be a reason behind catching fire.  

Minetom says they’ve taken steps to provide you safety through using what they call a Thermal fuse. This Thermal fuse as Minetom suggests will promptly cut off the host power if the temperature level rises too high so that you’re kept safe.  

But we’d still advise you to be careful while using such electric products no matter what.  

Last but not least, accessories. Well, you may have different cleaning needs, perhaps keeping that in mind Minetom steamer comes with a variety of brushes.  

They have two types of brushes: one is fabric brush another one is lint brush.

Minetom garment Steamer


Two Types of Brushes
Large water tank
Beautiful Design


No warranty

Sunbeam Handheld Steamer with Fiber Brush

This is another premium level steamer that comes from Sunbeam. Sunbeam is a US-based company that started its journey in 1910. With a history of over 100 years in household appliances manufacturing, Sunbeam can be expected to provide satisfactory services to its customers.  

Well, first things first Sunbeam states that this steamer heats up within 45 seconds and expects the water tank to support you for 15 straight minutes. Which given the validity of the claim sounds cool!  

Secondly, Sunbeam believes this steamer does have the power to sanitize and refresh fabrics of all types starting from linen clothes to beddings. They assure you that it will also be effective against killing bedbugs and dust mites.  

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One of its unique features is its wide press bar. This, Sunbeam states will be able to press out bad wrinkles and they also hope this device to dry fibers to stop re-wrinkling.  

The design is another of its positive features. It looks nice and stylish. It has a compact design and can easily be taken while traveling.  

Warranty and guarantee are an issue much discussed while buying goods especially electric products. Here as well, Sunbeam offers you a warranty of 3 years. That is quite amazing we must say.  

It also has a wait and ready light system installed. What is it?

This light acts as a communicator between you and the device and lets you know when you’re ready to use it. 

Given the travel opportunities, it can be seen as one of the best handheld garment steamer for travel.

The trigger is another unique feature in this steamer. It has a multiple functioning trigger. There are two trigger functions in total. One is slide switch for trigger steam. Another one is lock position which will give you constant steam, leaving you out of the tiring practice of pressing and holding down the trigger for long.  

Lastly, let’s open the accessory cabinet. It has quite a lot of accessory options. It has lint and a diffuser brush. Then it has a fiber brush. Further, it comes with a creaser and finally ‘over the door press pad’. The accessory list is never-ending with this steamer. All in all- given the correctness of the information given by Sunbeam its one of the best budget handheld garment steamer in the market.

sunbeam handheld steamer
Right now this one is out of stock


US Brand
Many Accessories
Trigger Variety


A Bit Pricey for Some

sunbeam handheld steamer
But you can check out this one, It is good too!

housmile garment steamer- Portable Steamer

Next in our list is the Housmile steamer. This is unlike many of the steamers in the review isn’t that much power-hungry, it runs on 120V & 900 watts. The weight as they describe is only 1.6 pounds. If it’s correct then we’d say it could be the ultimate carry-on steamer for you any day!  

Housmile says it heats up only within 30 seconds, depending on the accuracy of the information it’s pretty quick and should save a lot of your time.  

Water tank we’d say is one of its drawbacks, especially compared to the other steamers in this review. It holds up to 4 fl oz/ 120 ml of water. Which in our opinion could’ve been a bit better. The manufacturer states that it would give you a steam time of nearly 10 minutes.  

The design of this device looks a bit different and unique. Furthermore, they will provide you with two brushes so that you may deal with fibers that are delicate such as plush, linen, silk, polyesters, etc. 

The auto power-off option is available in this as well. Housmile gives us a temperature marker crossing which will trigger auto power off and that is 266 F. This is a sort of safety measure that some steamers offer nowadays.  

But we’d again suggest you to personally check when it’s heating up too much. If in any case, the fuse doesn’t work the results can be catastrophic. So, be careful while using electric products that involve heating.  

Warranty offers are present in this product. It has a warranty of 1 year period.  

Some accessories come with the product, the accessories include 1 stiff brush, 1 soft brush, 1 measure cup, 1 needle made of plastic, etc.  

housmile garment steamer


Variety of Accessories
Distinct Design
Warranty Offer


Performance May Vary

URPOWER Garment Steamer-7-in-1 Multi-Use Steamer for Clothes

Let’s get straight into the review right away. Urpower comes in a jug like design and has a moderate ranged water tank. The water tank of this steamer can carry 180ml of water. Its what Urpower calls, a 7 in 1 multi-use steamer. 

Portability is one of the features that the manufacturer talks about. It’s medium in size and you can carry it in your backpack or suitcase and take it for long travels.  

Heating fast is another of its feature as stated by Urpower. Although a bit slower than the other steamers discussed, Urpower states that this steamer can emit wrinkles removing heating within 2 minutes. Urpower believes that you can turn it on before you brush your teeth in the morning and use it after you’re done the brushing.  

They also speak about its effectiveness in terms of removing wrinkles from your cloth. Wrinkles are the main reason why we want steamers. If what they profess is correct you’re getting wrinkle-free dresses every morning.  

Multiple accessory options come with this product. First of all, it comes to heat- resistant gloves, which is expected to give you protection. Unlike the other steamers in the review it comes with a travel pouch, so that’s kinda special.  

Urpower also has some warnings for the safety of your use. They instruct you not to tilt the device more than 45 degrees.  

They also warn you not to put water over the given max line.  

URPOWER Garment Steamer


Different Sort of Design
Travel Pouch
Heat Resistant Gloves
Travel Opportunities


Not Much Room for Water

Hamilton Beach Garment Steamer -1000W

Hamilton Beach brings you 1000-watt steamer for your clothes. The first thing in the review we focus on the brand, it is Hamilton Beach. Hamilton Beach is based in the US. Besides steamers, they also manufacture many home appliances such as blenders, mixers, etc.  

Steam time is always important in terms of looking at a garment steamer. This device gives you 15 minutes of continuous steam as stated by Hamilton Beach.  

This steamer as claimed by Hamilton Beach is effective against clothes, curtains, bedding and more. 

Its steams relaxes and refreshes the fabrics of your clothes without adding any chemicals as claimed by Hamilton Beach.  

In terms of buying one of these replacements of iron, people want the ability to travel with it. It’s also a portable solution so you can take it with you while traveling. Hence, you’re getting a wrinkle-free vacation!  

They have also included fabric brush which gets the steam deep into the fibers of your clothes.  

It has a ready light feature. The specialty of this ready light feature is that it signals you when it has heat up and ready to go.  

Hamilton Beach expects a fast heat up with this device. They state this to heat up within 30 seconds.  

They have also introduced another feature in this steamer, it has to do with the cord. It has what they call a pivoting cord. It is expected to provide you with a full range of motion.  

Hamilton Beach Garment Steamer


US Based Company
Pivoting Cord
Good for Travel


Have to Request for Warranty

MECO Garment Steamer 1200W -with Digital Display

This one comes with an eye-catching design and works at 1200 watts power. Meco states that it uses a quick heating technology which allows this steamer to heat up within 40 seconds. 

Each brand tries to come up with new ideas and unique features that can be used as a selling point and competitive leverage against the other brands in the market.  

Meco too has one unique aspect to it that is used as a selling point. It has a 2 in 1 fashion in terms of steam. They say you’ll be able to use it in two ways- horizontally and vertically.  

Meco also says that it supports a variety of fabric types such as wool, cotton, polyester, nylon, fiber, silk, linen and velvet. It, as Meco says, can be used on table cloths, curtains, bedding as well.  

Well, this is also a bit innovative. Not sure how deeply effective this is but can definitely be used as a selling point for this product. Yes, the steam flow with this product is adjustable. It has different switches for steam and power.  

So, you can manually adjust the steam to your needs.  

It’s also a portable device so you can take it with you while traveling. Further, it has a digital display that has 7 temperature gear and 3 steam so that you can steam a variety of materials.  

One of its drawbacks is the size of the water tank. It has a 110 ml of water tank capacity. Although Meco says it will be able to give you steaming for about 15 minutes, the capacity is quite low, compared to other products discussed.

MECO Garment Steamer


Unique looking design
Two-way Steaming
Digital display
Different Modes


Water tank short

Secura Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer

Lets first talk a bit about the manufacturer. Secura is a US-based company who are operating for years. They have a wide range of electric products and a known brand in North America.  

Secura brings their handheld garment steamer, Secura AJ-2205, comes in a nice, compact looking design in white and blue. The power consumption rate of this device is 1000 watts.  

The power cord is always an issue while ironing or using steamers. Moving and steaming can get quite difficult and the feeling of wires getting wrapped around your body is disturbing. But, Secura says they have something to offer in this case. 

The power cord in this device as Secura claims it, is rotating and non-bind power cord. So, you should be able to move better while steaming your dresses.  

Another positive factor about this product that we should say is its water tank. It has an 8.0 oz or nearly 236 ml of water containing capacity. It’s big enough, compared to other steamers. Secura states that it’ll be able to give you a steam time of roughly 15 minutes.  

It also has a faceplate that is claimed to be stainless steel. The brush that comes with it detachable.  

They also have given a suggestion. Secura is suggesting you to use this particular product with North American Electrical Standards. Using it places other than that can be problematic so be careful. 

It is also offering you a 2-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. 

secura handheld garment fabric steamer


Simple design
US Brand
Large Water Tank
Detachable Cleaning Brush
2 Years Manufacturer Warranty


We couldn't find any

Glamouric Handheld Garment Steamer 1200W- with 280 ML Water Tank

Glamouric brings its garment steamer that works at 1200 watts. Like the other ones, this device too is portable so that you can carry it to places you’d likely visit. Don’t forget about the differences in the electrical standards in countries outside of the US.  

Glamoruic states that they have used a technology called Pressurized Compact Technology which consists of a stainless steam panel and 14 hole design on the steam head. This technology, they believe, is a key facilitator in terms of releasing wrinkles quickly and penetrate into the clothes. 

They believe that this product preheats quite fast, only at 25 seconds or less. You’re asked to use this on 110V inside the US – please do remember there can be differences in the electrical standards in other countries, so you may need to use a voltage converter.  

It has a lock button. So, you should not go tired pressing a button too long. Glamouric promises that you’ll get continuous steam when you lock it. 

Further, Glamouric states that it has a 280 ml water tank. This is quite large and should provide you a good amount of time for steaming, Glamouric predicts it will give you 15 minutes of steaming.  

The use of this device is easy as claimed by the manufacturer. Moreover, you can use it both vertically and horizontally.  

Glamouric professes that it also has an auto shut off technology installed. Which as they state, will come into effect if it is burning with low water. But, we do recommend you to keep a close eye on it while using. 

glamouric handheld garment steamer


Large water tank
2-way Maneuver
Lock Button
14 hole design


Electrical Issues May Occur

Buying Guide to Get the best handheld Clothing steamers

Garment steamers are quite new compared to the traditional irons but it has picked up a trend and getting sold everywhere. They’ve become famous over a short period. Before buying a steamer its better go through some of the basics. Let’s look into the buying guide for a better buy. 

Difference between steamers and irons

Traditional irons do a good job to make your dress wrinkle-free but because of the time and the amount of space, it takes, it started falling out of favor. Steamers, most of the time are handheld, it’s way lighter than usual irons.  

How you can choose the best portable garment steamer?

There are some ways that you can choose a garment steamer that meets your needs. We have talked about some basic ways you can choose a garment steamer…


There are different types of garment steamers. Each steamer comes with different features. You gotta locate your needs and see if the given features match your necessities or not. For example, some steamers have large water tanks. If you have a lot of clothes to steam through, then pick the one with a larger water tank from 200 ml to more.  

But, if you don’t have many clothes to steam every day, you can go for steamers with low water reserve capabilities, while saving some money.  

Weight and Size

Steamers are something that you’d always wanna travel with. They’re designed light so that you can take it with you while traveling. If you have to carry a heavy backpack then try getting light steamers. Size and design matter as well, you’ll know whether a steamer will fit inside your backpack or not by seeing the design.  

Usually, the weight is given on the product information. But, do check after you get the product and see if they’re are maintaining the promised weight.  

Performance of the Device

Performance is something that you’d always value. But, how’d you known that the steamer you chose will perform well? Well, we always suggest you go for the brand that is positively well known and has been there for some time. They’ll always try to honor their brand image and history and thus perhaps will make better products.  

Other factors may determine the performance as well. The size of the nozzle and how many holes in it, the power consumption, water tank capability, lock switch, length of the cord, these are all the things that you should examine to make sure good performance.  


Do check how much power it’s consuming. It is directly related to your electricity bills every month. Further, there is another factor as well. More power consumption rationally means more output. That is, the heat will be higher. We’d advise you to go for a medium power-consuming device such as 1000 to 1200 watts if you don’t have heavy cloths to steam. So, chose the one that suits your needs better.  

Safety Features

This is one of the most important factors in terms of discussing steamers. They can get pretty heat up during operation. That is why some companies have introduced safety measures. 

The most popular safety measure that we see in steamers is the auto shut-off mechanism. It occurs when the steamer crosses a certain temperature level. The fuse works and the steamer turns off by itself.  

But, we do want to advise you to be highly careful while dealing with steamers. They are devices that generate heat using electric power. DO NOT leave it turned on. Always be turn off when you’re done. Lastly, make sure they’re out of children’s reach.   

Read: Tips for safely using a garment steamer around children and pets

Fabric Type

Most of the steamers profess to be suited for all types of fabrics. It’s better to read the product description beforehand because it may warn you not to use it on certain fabric types.  

Water Tank

The water tank is always discussed in terms of buying a steamer. You can choose water tanks that hold a large volume of water. It will give you the maximum amount of time to release continuous steam at a stretch.  


Time is important here. One of the main reasons you may wanna steamers instead of iron is to save some time. If it takes a long time for your steamer to heat up then we’d say that’s a bad investment. That is why most of the steamers use quick to heat up as a selling point.   

Heat Settings

Not all the fibers of your clothes are the same. Some are rough and some are delicate. Putting too much heat on soft fibers can damage the cloths. Similarly, using a low heat on strong stuff may not give you the desired results.  

That is why some steamers are introducing different heat levels in their products. Understand the cloth and the condition of the fiber and start from a lower temperature. If you see your cloth is getting rid of wrinkles there is no need to increase heat. 

But if you notice the fiber is dense and wrinkles are not going away easily. Then, you can put up the heat and see if it works.  

Tips on Cleaning your Garment Steamers!

There are some things that you should do after you’re done steaming your dresses. That is cleaning it. First, take out the water tank and empty it. Fill it with a cleaning solution. 

Then turn on the steamer and let the cleaner do its job. How would you understand that it’s cleaning inside? If you notice that each of the nozzle holes is releasing steam properly, you’d know that it’s done the cleaning.  

After that, you can turn the device off and unplug. Then let the rest of the solution sit there for half an hour. When they’re cooled off remove the remaining solution.  

Rerun the steamer for some time with the usual water so that the remaining solution is removed.  

Recommendation on getting the best handheld clothes steamer

What is the best handheld garment steamer to buy? As a part of our buying guide, we’ve selected two steamers that we think would be a good buy. First in our list comes the Rowenta DR8120 X. First of all, it’s coming from a German brand. Although a bit pricey but this 1600 watts beast should wipe out any germs living in your dresses or beds. It also has a unique design, a 190 ml water tank and 2 steam options to choose from. This can be regarded as one of the best handheld clothing steamers. We think this could be a good buy for you.  

Next in line is the Sunbeam Handheld steamer. It’s a US brand so by buying their products you’re supporting a local product and you can trust them as well. Further, this has a compact design, comes with many accessories, wait and ready lights and lockdown steam trigger. In terms of finding one of the best handheld clothing steamers 2019 this steamer can be an option. It has almost all the features that a good steamer should have, so you may go for it.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, we cannot answer this question in a direct yes or no. If you’re looking for more comfort and quick results, steamers should definitely be your choice. But, if you have the time and the patience to iron your dresses with precision it may give you an advantage on getting crisp.  So, which one is better? It depends on the use.  

If they generate the amount of heat they professed, then it should be quite difficult for germs to survive under such heat. You can try on your dresses and other materials and see if they’re working. But we think you may need a steamer with more power to thoroughly get rid of germs.  

In theory, it’s yes. It’s quite simple that steamers should generate a lot of heat. Heat is not toxic but is powerful enough to kill off bed bugs of all ages including their eggs as well. It says if a bed bug is under 113 F heat and if they’re exposed continuously for 90 minutes then they won’t survive. Steamers do generate a lot of heat which can rise up to 240 F. So, they should kill off bed bugs and other dust mites.  

Again, this depends on the context. If you wanna get the most perfect wrinkle-free crisp dresses we’d say its still the hard-pressed irons that can be better.  

But, steamers do a very good job in terms of getting you nice and wrinkle-free cloth within a short time. So it can vary from person to person.  

The steam technology built in the device will do the work. You don’t need to push or press down hard to make it work. But adding a bit of pressure may help.  

Definitely, they can. If you don’t have that much free time and patience to sit there and iron all the clothes with accurate precision. Then we think its better for you to go for a steamer than an iron.  

Last Few Words...

We are the end of our best handheld clothing steamer reviews. Getting the right steamer isn’t easy. Although quite new, there are already plenty of steamers in the market to choose from. Get the ones that fit your needs and requirements correctly. Match your necessities with your price point and make the most balanced choice for a better buy!  

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