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Check Out the Best Bed Bug Steamers Review of 2021 | Know It for a Bug-Free Good Night Sleep

best bed bug steamers review 2020

Sometimes getting rid of bed bugs and dust mites can get a bit difficult for you. But there is always a solution to the problems. Equip yourself with knowledge first- through this best bed bug steamers review. If you then get a good steamer that heats well it may kill off the bed bugs hiding inside of your mattresses. 

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Dibea Bed Vacuum Cleaner with Roller Brush
the best bed bug steamers 2020
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Easy to use
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What are bed bugs or mites?

best bed bug steam cleaners

Well, in our best bed bug steamers review we’ll start from the bugs themselves. What are these bed bugs anyway?

These are oval-shaped brownish bloodsucking parasites that live off humans and animals. Usually, adult bedbugs are flat-bodied and can reach a size of apple seeds but they tend to swell a bit after feasting on your blood.  

On the other hand, dust mites are smaller microscopic insects that live on the dust. Skin and dander are their favorite dishes. 

How to Kill Them with Steam?

best steam cleaners for bed bugs

In terms of killing bed bugs with steam you must have to reach a certain temperature without it they may not die.  

Then how to kill them? You must have to have a steamer that generates a heat that is over 160-180F because a temperature lower than this may let them live. And use it on your bed with precaution.  

The bed has to be at least damp if not dry but they can’t be wet. Steamer won’t work on a wet mattress. After the steaming circulate the air with a fan and cool of the steamer slowly.

What are Bed Bug Steamers?

Bed bug steamer is a device that generates a good amount of heat to kill off the bed bugs which are hiding inside your mattresses, sofas, furniture or cabinets. Their hot steams get you rid of bed bugs and their eggs to stop the spread in the future. 

How Should You Use Steamers against Bed Bugs?

best steam cleaner bed bugs

Well, how should you use your steamer?  

There are some steps that you may follow :

Best Bed Bug Steamers Review of 2021

Getting the best bed bug steamers can be difficult. Let’s look at some of the best bed bug steamers review to tackle the bed bug issue. 

How to kill them with steam





Check Out the Best Bed Bug Steamers Review of 2021 | Know It for a Bug-Free Good Night Sleep 2

Dibea Bed Vacuum Cleaner with Roller Brush


Our top choice with HEPA system

Check Out the Best Bed Bug Steamers Review of 2021 | Know It for a Bug-Free Good Night Sleep 3

AHSC-1 Atrix Lil Red Canister


Best under $100

Check Out the Best Bed Bug Steamers Review of 2021 | Know It for a Bug-Free Good Night Sleep 4

Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaning System


Pricey but worth every penny!

Check Out the Best Bed Bug Steamers Review of 2021 | Know It for a Bug-Free Good Night Sleep 5

PurSteam World's Best Steamers


Best under $50

Check Out the Best Bed Bug Steamers Review of 2021 | Know It for a Bug-Free Good Night Sleep 6

Wagner Spraytech Wagner 0282014 915 Steam Cleaner


Best chemical free steam cleaner

Check Out the Best Bed Bug Steamers Review of 2021 | Know It for a Bug-Free Good Night Sleep 7

Pure Enrichment PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner


Best all natural steam cleaning

Check Out the Best Bed Bug Steamers Review of 2021 | Know It for a Bug-Free Good Night Sleep 8

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner


Best Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer

Dibea Bed Vacuum Cleaner with Roller Brush

Well as we now know the basics of bed bugs and the idea of using steamers and bed vacuums to get rid of them, now we’ll talk about some steamer options to choose from. First in our list is a bed vacuum- Dibea Powerful Suction Anti-Dust Mites.  

The idea of suction in terms of getting rid of bed bugs is unique and smart. Bed bugs make strongholds inside your mattresses, box springs, and folded areas. A powerful suction system is a requirement to get them out of your mattresses and other things.  

This suction technology introduces what they call a 6-stage HEPA Suck which they believe will effectuate the killing of bed bugs and mites and claims a 99.8% success rate in the process. It’s completely worth it, given the correctness of the statement.  

They also profess to give you a high-frequency vibration with 33000 times a minute- which should help release the bed bugs clinging on to the mattress fabric.  

This bed vacuum promises to provide you with safety protection technology. They state to have a GS certification and believe the UV light will stop working by itself if they go above 15 degrees. Dibea also warns you not to expose your skin to the UV ray. 

It also has a long cord of around 14.7 feet which should help you clean your bed with more flexibility and freedom.  

Dibea Bed Vacuum Cleaner with Roller Brush


Bed Vacuum
High frequency vibration
Clean Design
Long Cord


Skin Exposure May Cause Problem

AHSC-1 Atrix Lil Red Canister

Second, in our list is another bed vacuum by Atrix. In terms of buying goods, you always want the best brand in the market, even if you don’t have much idea about their products, you’d most of the time go for brands that have a positive reputation in the market.  

That being said, our Atrix vacuums too are also a brand like that which started in 1981 and a proud representative of the US in the vacuum market.  

Well, let’s not waste words and get straight into the specifications. It has what Atrix calls a 3-stage filtration system. Another thing that Atrix continues to maintain speaking about is the HEPA filtration bag- something that they believe assists in capturing different particles such as pet dander, pollen, mites, and many other dry particles.   

Variable speed motor is another of their key selling points they’re using. It will help you to change the power of the suction based on what you are vacuuming on as stated by Atrix.  

This vacuum of theirs is also claimed to be portable and easy to carry- they’ve given you the dimensions as well for a better understanding that is: 13.5” x 10” x 8” and its weight is said to be 6.5 pounds.  

Overall, Atrix thinks this can be really good for both home and office environments. It also comes with many accessories which include a telescopic extension wand which has a height setting of seventeen stages.  

AHSC-1 Atrix Lil Red Canister


Long Cord
Changeable Suction


No warranty

Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaning System

Third, in our best bed bug steamers review comes the Vapamore MR-100 steam cleaning system. It’s a system designed to get rid of paste related issues in your home with its heating techniques. In theory, this should work good let’s see what they have to offer.  

Vapamore claims they have spent hundreds of hours testing and researching on this steam cleaning mechanism. After their continuous research and studies, they’ve come up with this Primo as they state.  

Vapamore also states that it has been awarded the best steam cleaner by consumer rating digest.  

Well, let’s get into the detailed specifications of this product. Vapamore professes that it has an improved and larger floorhead design.  

Chemical is the word that everyone’s concerned about. At home or outdoor, in each activity people are inclining more towards natural sources for assistance in life and reducing the use of chemicals as much as possible.  

Well, figuring out that trend Primo-100 introduces its perhaps the largest selling point- that is cleaning and sanitizing your entire home without using any chemicals. 

If this device does what Vapamore is promising then, we’d say that it is a groundbreaking idea because you then will be able to clean and get rid of germs without getting chemicals on your hand.  

Vapamore also believes that this device would kill bed bugs and germs with its machine that they generate 210°- 220°F steam.

Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaning System


Steam Cleaning Technology
No Chemicals Needed
Clean Technology
Green Tech


Possibility of Much Water to Come Out

PurSteam World's Best Steamers

Now let’s talk about PurSteam’s steam cleaner. Most of the cleaning operations indoor require one or more types of chemicals. Sometimes after cleaning chemical traces are left behind. It’s like fighting fire with fire.

Hence, steam technology is rising right now. One such example is PurSteam. They are one of the main handheld steam cleaning technology providers.  

This steam cleaner, in particular, is made with premium quality components as a state by the manufacturer. 

They further introduce the ‘all-natural steam cleaning’- that is, hot pressurized steam that is directed towards eliminating grease, grime, stains, mold and bed bugs without the use of any chemicals. This idea seems like a win-win deal if the statement is accurate.  

We do admit the honesty of PurSteam, they admit that this product of theirs is imported. 

One thing that you may like about this cleaning system is its flexibility. Because PurSteam believes that this system can be used on various occasions such as cleaning your toilet, wooden floor, and car rims. If this can be used with such flexibility then we’d say it’s a good deal.  

The last thing that we should mention about this technology is its accessories. It has a 9-piece accessory set, starting from measuring cup to an extension cord.  

PurSteam Worlds Best Steamers


Comes with Accessories
Heating Technology
Chemical Free
Green Tech


Overheating may occure.

Wagner Spraytech Wagner 0282014 915 On-demand Steam Cleaner

Wagner brings you Spraytech another steam cleaner. First things first, just like the other steam cleaners this steamer by Wagner is also claimed to give you a chemical-free steam cleaning.  

They instruct you to add distilled water to the steamer for the natural cleaning process to take effect. Wagner says that its powerful enough to lift away any dirt and grime from almost all sorts of surfaces inside your home.  

Another selling point that Wagner uses is the issue of wallpaper removing. Removing the already installed wallpaper can be a difficult thing to counter. But, Wagner through their Spraytech promises to give easy wallpaper removing experience with their wallpaper removing the attachment, so that you may lift away previous wallpapers.  

It comes with a total of 7 attachments, which are quite unique: wallpaper steam plate, tile squeeze, floor cleaning head, two extension tubes, measuring cup, filling funnel and utility brushes. That’s quite a lot of attachments that you’re getting with Spraytech.  

Wagner also states that you can clean different areas of your house beginning from toilets, kitchen countertops to showers and sinks.  

They also assure you a longer run time which holds up 48oz. Of distilled water. This Spraytech by Wagner is also claimed to reach to a great heat mark: 212F or 100C. It’s really good if what they state is correct.  

Wagner Spraytech Wagner 0282014 915 On-demand Steam Cleaner


US Organization
7 Extra Attachments
Steam Cleaning
48oz Water Hold up


Overheating Poses Health Threat

Pure Enrichment PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner

This is another steam cleaner in the list by Pure Enrichment. The brand is always important in terms of buying electric goods. Moreover, the country of origin is also a matter of concern for buyers. For example, brands settled in Japan, Germany, and the US have a positive reputation in general.  

Similarly, Pure Enrichment is a US brand that started its journey in 2010. So, that’s a plus.  

Well, let’s see the specifications of this steam cleaner. This steam cleaner consumes a good amount of power at 1500 watt.  

Pure Enrichment claims this device to provide you with all-natural steam cleaning. It is said to have a 1.5-liter water boiler which is supposed to give you pressurized steam for about 45 minutes.  

This cleaner is said to come with an 18-piece heavy duty set. Pure Enrichment is claiming that this set has all the components to give you a clean home and outdoors. 

What sorta surface your steam cleaner will tackle is always a matter of great importance. 

With this cleaner Pure Enrichment expects to give you cleaning of all sorts of surfaces. They also have outlined some surface types such as ceramic tile, wooden floors that are waterproof, most of the wool and cotton carpets, to name a few. 

The extended power cord is a necessity for steam cleaners as you gotta move to different places to clean various parts of your house. This cleaner too claims to have a 16-foot extra long power cord.  

Pure Enrichment PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner


1500 Watt Device
US Based Organization
Comes with Wheels


Consumes A Lot of Electricity

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner-Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer

At the end of this short read its again a US brand. Its known as Dupray. This steamer like the other ones we talked about – speaks of the services they provide. They claim to perform a total of five different operations. First of all, they state that it will clean. 

Further, this cleaner is said to disinfect and sanitize your surface. Moreover, they also claim to degrease and deodorize.  

The power of steam is also important in terms of cleaning. Plus, the heat is also essential in terms of getting rid of germs and other harmful bacteria from your floors. Well, Dupray states to have highly powerful superheating steam installed which they’re saying will give you a heat close to 275F/135C.  

Water holding capabilities are also significant in terms of ensuring a long time steaming and cleaning.  

This steam cleaner is also claimed to work without any chemical of any sort.  

Warranty is a matter of discussion while buying electrical goods. This Dupray steam cleaner gives you a 2 years warranty, plus you’re also getting a lifetime warranty on steam cleaner boiler.  

One thing that Dupray mentions is that you will be able to steam your mattresses, Dupray says it will be effective against bed bugs and dust mites. 

This steam cleaner seems like a very balanced sort of cleaner. It can be a good option if all the information provided by the manufacturer is correct.  

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner


US Brand
Steam Cleaner


Continuous Pressing of Button to Work

Buying Guide on Getting the Best Bed Bug Steamers

best bed bug steamers review 2020

Buying a good bed bug steamer can come with some problems. This buying guide in our best bed bug steamers review will equip you with a piece of basic knowledge about them and it should become a bit easier for you to get a good steamer. Let’s look at some of the criteria to get the best bug steamer. 

Steam Power

The main reason you’re getting a steamer is to kill off the bed bugs that are feasting on your blood. Well, it may not be possible if your steamer is not able to generate the required power to get the kills. Usually, as we mentioned earlier, bed bugs die at an average heat of 160-180F. So, your steamer must have the power to reach at least 160, otherwise, it’s just a daydream.  

Make sure they generate that much heat or more. The more the better.  

Positive Brand Image

Brand image is always a key factor in determining the buy. Usually, the brands with a good reputation and the country of origin of the brand- matters in terms of buying a good steamer.  

Long Cords

Getting long cords with your steamer is a MUST. Because your bed can be bigger in size. Plus, your power plug may be placed far than your bed, if so, then it would be almost impossible for you to steam your bed properly.  

Long cords will allow you to be flexible and to reach each and every part of your mattress. Hence, making sure all the places of the mattress is cover and got rid of the bed bugs.

Accessories Variation

Some steamers come with a set of accessories to use it on multiple surfaces to kill bed bugs and dust mites. Try to get steamers with more accessories and attachments so that you can tackle bed bugs in different parts of your house, from mattresses to furniture and sofas.  

Power Consumption and Balance

Try to manage power consumption. If you buy a steamer with too much steam power it may consume a lot of power, giving you an electric bill to worry about.  

On the other hand, if you get a steamer that consumes less power, you may risk not reaching the required heat rate that needs to kill off your bed bugs. 

So, you gotta be smart and make the perfect balance between the two and you’re expected to get rid of bed bugs without paying a huge sum of electric bills.  

Our Recommendation

best steam cleaner to get rid of bed bugs

Now comes the recommendation part. We have selected from within our list, two best steam cleaners for the removal of bed bugs from your house. 

First in our list is none but Dupray Steam Cleaner. This one is quite well received, steam cleaning technology comes with 2 years warranty and a lifetime warranty on steamer boiler. Should make a good buy. 

Secondly, we can talk about PurSteam Steamer- you can expect this one to be quite good as well. This one uses no chemicals and should provide you a greener cleaning service. Plus they’re based in the US. So, all in all, you may consider these two options.  

Some Pros and Cons of Using Steamers

How Should You Use Steamers against Bed Bugs

There are obviously some advantages to using the best bed bug steam cleaners to get rid of bed bugs. The first, without a doubt, is the removal of bed bugs. If you can get the correct heat, your steamer should kill the bed bugs which are bugging you.  

This steam heat is also good for the best steam cleaner-bed bugs and getting rid of bacteria and other harmful insects. You can get sanitized and degreased surfaces because of using steamer which has a good amount of heat.  

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks as well. If your steamer fails to generate the required heat there’s a strong possibility that your attempt to get rid of bed bugs may end in smoke.  

Further, steamers are really hot. This can get quite dangerous and fatal if not handled carefully. Burns can occur while handling such devices. 

Finally, electric products that generate heat are always a safety concern. Heat and electricity have a bad record of going out of control, igniting serious fires. So, you should always keep your eyes wide open while handling steamers. And NEVER leave a steamer running and attached to the plug when you’re not there. 

Final words...

If you do a bit of research, you’d easily find out that bed bugs are gradually becoming an outbreak. It was gone for some time but right now the rise of the bed bugs in us is quite scary. Large cities such as Baltimore, Washinton, Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, San Francisco, whatever you name it, it’s there. 

So, right now it’s kinda like a zombie apocalypse in the US, just in a bit smaller level. And Steamers can be a real weapon fighting these blood-sucking zombies. Get your home prepared with the best steam cleaner to get rid of bed bugs and survive the bug apocalypse.

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