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Best Steam Mops For Pets

Have you ever been poked with the thought of getting something handy that could ease down the tedious task of household cleaning?

Yes, such a gadget could undoubtedly replace your bucket full of soapy water to make your floor cleaning experience like a breeze.

And that’s why steam mops have come into being only to turn your imagination into a reality. But with the perks of a steam mop stretching beyond just cleaning the floor, it invokes the temptation of bringing one home without thinking any further.

In this article, we have here for you the best steam mops reviews. We have spent days in research and thorough test processes to glean out some of the best steam mops on the market. Also, you’ll get to know about all the nooks and crannies of this trendy cleaning device through our ultimate buying guide. So, stay along.

The Best Steam Mops of 2023

best steam mops reviews

Here’s our take on some of the most popular steam mops on the market.

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

The Bissell PowerFresh is among the most reasonably priced models in our list. The feature-rich steam mop could well be the bang for your buck.

It surprisingly includes a 3-setting control, and two cleaning pads; one is soft and the other is scrubby, doing a decent job on almost every floor type. That’s definitely more than a plus considering the pithy amount of money it costs you.

We achieved exceptional results on hardwood floors. When tested, it amazed us in terms of both drying and polishing as well. It hardly leaves behind any water residue, keeping hardwood surfaces free of water damages.

The smart mop pads will surely attract you with its clipless design that effortlessly wraps around the facet. The makers have incorporated Microban Technology with the microfibre fabric of the pads that provide additional protection from bacteria.

It’s an excellent feature, specifically more significant for wooden floors, which harbors more bacterias than other surface types. The microfibre cloth is also soft enough to preserve the finish of wooden floors while the microfibres polish the surface as you go.

A scrubber brush also comes with the package, which makes the mop somewhat more versatile, enabling you to work on tiles. However, working with the cheaply-made brush may not be satisfactorily effortless, but it’s quite acceptable considering the price. The inexpensive mop is also tied with a reliably 23 ft long power cord.

Despite the backlashes with its earlier versions, the quality control of Bissell has demonstrated notable improvements within the current ones. The PowerFresh is, therefore, among the best budget steam mops for hardwood floors.

bissell powerfresh steam mop

The Greats

1. Microban Technology.
2. Clipless design.
3. Two pads.
4. Generously long power cord.
5. Reasonable price.

The Not So Greats

1. Cheap scrubber brush.
2. Not the best match for polyethylene floor.

Shark S1000A Steam Mop

You may want to call this Shark S1000A an upgraded version of the company’s discontinued model, Shark Pocket.

This upgrade consists of a generous 400 ml tank compared to the prior’s 220 ml. You can fill it up from your faucet and work up to 15 minutes continuously, giving you plenty of time to mop your entire kitchen floor beyond three times.

Two thick pads come with the S1000A. The polyester-made pads have a share of 20% of nylon. So when tested, we found its grabbing of in-ground food stains very impressive. It also provided easy rinse-offs within seconds.  More so, the pads came out almost new after we machine-washed them.

The heating took a bit longer than a minute and a half when we plugged it in the wall socket. So it doesn’t have the quickest heating mechanism. However, we found out that it’s good to go when the steam starts making the hissing sound.

We found the swivel head exceptionally convenient, which has straight edges to allow easy reaching into tighter corners and cabinet bottoms. The pad needs a couple of pumps before getting the steam to flow, but afterward, you’ll see natural motions with automatic emissions of hot steam gushes every time you sweep.

The Shark S1000A weighs a bit over four and a half pounds. Meaning it’s light enough to ensure tireless yet not-so-effortless maneuvers. However, it might be tiring to mop 15 times (as per the company recommendations) over the floor when sanitizing.

Costing nearly twenty bucks less than the prior discontinued model, the S1000A is also among the best budget steam mops.

shark s1000a steam mop

The Greats

1. Emits strong, powerful gushes of steam.
2. Efficient stain grabbing with easy rinse-offs.
3. Easy reach into tricky corners.
4. Machine-washable pads.
5. Reasonable price.

The Not So Greats

1. Takes longer to heat up.
2. Takes more effort to sanitize.

Light n’ Easy 5 in 1 Steam Mop Model- S3101

The Light n’ Easy steaming mop is vastly a popular choice among the online consumers, despite the questions raised by a few lately.

First of all, the unit is almost half a pound heavier than the S1000A from Shark. Well, this may not seem to be much of a concern for many, but when tested, we found the device difficult to push across our kitchen floor.

There’s another catch with the non-removable water tank. Despite the weight, the tank holds a mere 200 ml of water. More so, you’ll have to fill its nickel-sized hole with a plastic flask that comes with the mop. The process is annoyingly slow indeed.

But the mop is quick enough to heat up. It took nearly 50 seconds before making the hissing sound when we turned it on.

The thin microfibre pads add up to the disappointment as well, which seemed to be more like terry cloth dish towels than cleaning pads. They hardly soaked up the food stains off our floors and even miserably smeared them all around. It made us mop over the whole area a few times before applying the steam mop.

As the tank holds only 200 ml of water, it finished up within 8 minutes. Sadly, the mop seemed less convenient than a typical sponge mop since we had to go back to the same spot repeatedly after sweeping over it.

The product doesn’t come cheap as well, which triggers the surprise that lies within its popularity.

light n easy 5 in 1 steam mop s3101

The Greats

1. Superfast heat up.
2. 20 ft long power cord.
3. Machine-washable cleaning pads.

The Not So Greats

1. Not lightweight.
2. Difficult water pouring system.
3. Poor stain-picking ability.

Bissell Powerfresh Pet Steam Mop

We liked the Bissel Lift-Off pet steam mop particularly for its unmatched capability of scrubbing, which stood out among all the other models we tested. And the sturdy build of the product reflects the confidence with the quality of the company, which ensures several years of use without worries.

The revolving head of the mop comes with an outstanding snap-on scrubber brush that perfectly reaches into tricky corners and efficiently cleans tiled floors. And it cuts off your concerns with the greasy grouts as well.

It’s definitely a plus-feature for the mop to have with the scarcity of grout-friendly steamers out there. Moreover, you can maintain the hygiene of your kitchen and bathroom effortlessly, scraping off the crusted tough spots and even gum. And the device justifies its name not only by keeping out sticky pet messes but also with the incorporation of scent disks that removes pet odor as you clean. The trait surely makes it one of the best steam mops for pets.

The specialized scrubbing pads nicely stretch to fit the facet without requiring any clips or brackets to hold it into place. We loved this feature after getting annoyed by a few of its counterparts with delicate pads that require so many messing around.

Versatility is the uniqueness of this Lift-Off Pet steam mop. It offers a user-friendly 13-piece attachment set making sure you can make the most of it. The mop is surprisingly one of those rare options that provide padded fabric attachment to use on curtains and upholsteries. And despite it particularly masters tiled floors, the adjustable steam setting makes it suitable for wooden floors too.

Additionally, the powerful stain removal system, smart steam alert lights, and smell-protecting Febreze scent discs indicate to an excellent feature-packed steam mopping product. But on top of that, it’s surely among the best steam mops for tile and laminated floors while a few may also want to call it one of the best multi-purpose steam mops in the market.

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Bissell Pet Steam Mop

The Greats

1. Sturdy build.
2. Sneaks into tight spaces.
3. Grout-friendly.
4. Clipless scrubbing pads.
5. Cleans curtains and upholsteries.
6. Steam alert lights.

The Not So Greats

1. Highly-priced.
2. A bit slow heat up.

Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop

This Lift-Away steam mop from Sharp translates into the precise steam cleaning device for any futuristic family. Let us tell you why.

The decent looking upright 2-in-1 steam mop morphs into a convenient handheld steam cleaner within seconds, thanks to the detachable compartment incorporated with the device.

You can effortlessly clean your bathroom floors and kitchen stains with it while the removable steam cleaner will enable you to conveniently work on the countertops as well.

And you can always use the neat little feature into those tricky areas where you can’t reach it with the large pad on; be it your bookshelf, curtains, or cabinetries.

And you won’t have to worry about large area coverage since the 23 ft power cord is long enough to let you roam around multiple rooms with ease. The machine-washable microfibre pads worked excellent when we tried it on hard sealed floors. The package includes two of them with easily removable mop heads and scrubber pockets.

The steamer heats up quick as a flash taking not more than mere 30 seconds. It’s a feature you’re bound to love if you happen to be one of those people who gets fidgety when doing the cleaning. More so, the tank is generous enough to pour in 300 ml of water so that you don get run out of it anytime soon.

We loved the futuristic design of this Shark Lift-Away Pro Pocket Mop, especially the deftly assembled 2-in-1 unit. You’ll attune to the company’s confident promise of convenient usage of the compact device all the more, once you figure out how easeful its maneuvering is.

Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop

The Greats

1. Futuristic design with a sturdy build.
2. Doubles up as a steam cleaner.
3. Machine-washable cleaning pads.
4. Easy to maneuver.
5. Heats up incredibly fast.
6. Generous water tank.
7. Additional hose attachment.
8. Long power cord.

The Not So Greats

No steam-indicating light.

SKG 1500W Steam Mop 6 in 1

The SKG non-chemical steam mop has been the center of interest among its potential buyers for its exceptionally powerful heating element. The 1500-watts steam mop is powerful enough to produce an astonishing 212ºF of steam in less than 30 seconds to melt away harmful parasites, bacteria, and likewise stubborn stains.

It’s undoubtedly an outstanding feature to have, especially if you happen to be the worrywart of the house, concerned about the hygiene about your entire home. The mop expedites the sanitization with safer results than most other units in the market, that too, at a fraction of time.

The cleaning package consists of six different attachments, allowing you to expand your cleaning beyond just the floors alone. It contains a squeegee, which lets you clean the windows, mirrors, and shower glasses. But more importantly, there are multiple brushes that allow you worry-free cleanings of the tougher stains of grills, tiles, window blinds, and even grouts.

If you’re worried about whether you can move from room to room with the device, expel it right away. The power cord is close to 30 feet long, so you can make moves comfortably. You’ll also find a steam indicator light right up the cleaning facet, which tells exactly when to start steaming.

However, the steam adjustment knob might concern a few, which seemed to be not so convenient for us. Nevertheless, the issue can be overlooked amongst a bunch of other unmatched features. You can hope for the price paid for it to keep its worth, especially when you consider it one of the best steam mops for tile and grout.

skg 1500w steam mop 6-in-1

The Greats

1. Powerful steamer.
2. Heats up quick as a flash.
3. Provides swift yet thorough sanitization.
4. Cleans various areas and appliances.
5. Grout-friendly.
6. Incredibly long power cord.

The Not So Greats

The heat adjustment knob is cheaply made.

Sienna Luna Steam Mop SSM-3006

What makes this Sienna Luna SSM-3006 steam mop a unique model in our list is its vibration-driven dirt loosening mechanism.

Yes, you’ve read it right. The steam mop utilizes a self-engendered vibration to loosen the dirt and grime. On top of that, it lets you adjust the shake-ups alongside the adjustable steam settings.

Since its cleaning process is vibration-operated, the motor needed to be powerful enough, and the makers hardly compromised that. The machine comes with a 1500-watt motor that is equally efficient to steam up to the top-most degree at full pelt.

A host of necessary attachments makes the device more helpful to its users, enabling them to utilize it more than just their floors extending the usage to windows, countertops, and other household surfaces. No matter you splatter mustard, spaghetti sauce, or orange juice all-over your place, with the powerful steam mop, you can sweep it out with a couple of passes.

The water tank is extremely generous to provide you with 25 minutes of continuous mopping. However, you may find the refilling process not-so-convenient. But considering the given usage time, it might not trouble you much except for when doing bigger cleaning projects.

The mop-had boasts a tall profile, which you can move around the house conveniently. But it may well prove to be the reason to deter you from getting under tight spaces and low edges. And sadly, it also lacks a rotateable facet, unlike most other models, so you might have to compromise while making your way through the obstacles on the floor or narrow passages.

But you’ll like the variations of pads that come with the steam mop, for it’ll cover a range of different cleaning tasks like mirrors, countertops, washing-machine tops, stovetops, and even grouts and draperies. The product manual also suggests that the mop is also usable on car wheels. And to make sure you don’t strain your back during the cleaning, a comfy shoulder strap is also included in the package.

Sienna Luna Steam Mop

The Greats

1. Vibration-driven stain pickup with adjustability.
2. Powerful steam jet.
3. Extremely generous water tank.
4. Lengthy usage limit with a single pour.
5. Shoulder strain-free cleaning experience.

The Not So Greats

1. The water tank is hard to fill.
2. Not the best fit for tricky spaces.

Reliable Steamboy Pro 300CU Steam Mop

If you opt for a mid-range steam solution for hardwood floors, you may take a look at this Reliable Steamboy steam mop.

When we had it tested, not only it did an excellent cleaning job on tile and hardwood, but it also gave efficient protection around the floors from molding and skirting. This feature eases things up for those who often tend to get carried away while cleaning and inadvertently smash the moldings to leave a scratch. And it delivers a performance on par with the Bissell models we’ve discussed above.

The highly cushioned mop pads wrap around the facet to safeguard your floor and moldings around the floor. The mop head being triangular helps you tackle the corner more effectively than the traditional rectangular ones. It’s definitely an advanced feature to have in a mid-range device.

One of the best aspects of this Reliable is its high-temperature output. It gets hotter than most other models we’ve tested to clean out the stubborn hardwood stains. However, you’ll have to make sure that your hardwood floor can deal with such a high amount of heat. You’ll find a glider attachment that you can use to refresh things up, especially on carpets.

Since it’s produced from a manufacturer that also supplies big canister systems, the product has been clearly incorporated with some of that expertise. The mop also tends to end up leaving behind lesser moisture than most other models in this price range, which is another plus for your hardwood floor. Besides, it’s unlikely for you to end up with puddles or streaks.

reliable steamboy pro 300cu steam mop

The Greats

1. Durable.
2. Leaves far less moisture.
3. Glider attachment.
4. Triangular facet allows better cleaning of corners.
5. Sanitizes carpets.

The Not So Greats

The rubber with the facet wears easily.

Smart Living Steam Mop Plus

The Smart Living Steam Mop Plus has been constructed and designed with the principle – no harm to your floor. Although it heats up really high (nearly 230°F), the mechanism utilizes it only to disinfect your clay floor tiles, wood overlay floors, or vinyl floors, the inner mechanism doesn’t allow it to damage the floor joints.

It uses a reusable microfiber cushioned pad on its facet to do the cleaning job. The good thing about this particular pad is, you can evacuate it, clean it, and use it over and over again without putting much effort. And it’s perfectly suitable to clean almost any sort of levels including various types of rugs.

One of the smart features of this device is its noise-free cleaning operation. You can have your child resting in one room and thoroughly clean the room right next to it without waking him/her up.

The slender build of the steam mop never takes up a huge room space when you put it away, eliminating your headaches regarding storage. But it doesn’t keep it to power-up sufficiently when you need to fight tough stains on your kitchen or bathroom floor. And it’s notably lightweight as well, giving you the freedom to roam around the house without straining your shoulders or your back.

However, you may not like the idea of pouring up the water tank, which despite being substantial in size, takes hardship to maintain and fill. And it only allows filtered water inside the component. But once you manage to do that, you won’t have to worry before a good 20 minutes of time.

smart living steam mop plus

The Greats

1. Noise-free operation.
2. Slim and lightweight design.
3. Reusable, easy-to-clean microfiber pad.
4. Harmless on a wooden surface despite high heat exertion.

The Not So Greats

1. To use it one must pour it with filtered water.
2. Pouring water may hassle a few.

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

Your laminate floors will hardly get older when you bring this O-Cedar steam mop in your house. With laminate floors tending to become sticky whenever the household goes amok, this specialized microfiber steam mop can be an effective way to keep away the nightly messes.

This mop gets from your plug outlet to steam within just 20 minutes, denoting its efficiency as a quick cleaning device. With a range of steam adjustment settings along with the microfiber scrub zone, you can fight off the tough spots from hard floors effortlessly. The water reservoir allows 13.5 oz of water in it to cover a long enough cleaning time.

However, the back and red opaque outer body of the mop doesn’t come with a water level indicator. It may often frustrate you when all of a sudden the steam ceases to come out before telling you when to refill it. But it does come with a green indicator light on it that tells you when the steam is ready for cleaning actions. The swivel head may also disappoint by its revolving limits while the shorter power cord can be annoying when moving around the house.

It allows you to machine-wash the microfiber pads for up 25 times. It indeed gave satisfactory results when we tested it on laminate floors. The peak level of steam kills as much as 97% of bacteria, making it one of the best steam mops for laminate floors. And it also offers a snap-on carpet cleaning glider to freshen up your carpets, but you shouldn’t expect it to match the similar capabilities of a professional steam carpet cleaner.

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O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

The Greats

1. Convenient, machine-washable mop heads.
2. Easy water refill.
3. Excellent bacteria protection on laminate floors.
4. Steam-ready indicator light.

The Not So Greats

1. The revolving of the head is very limited.
2. Shorter cord length.
3. Low capacity for water.

Thermostat all in one steam vacuum cleaner and steam mop

The title of the product itself is pretty telling, isn’t it? This multitasking cleaning device not only offers both vacuuming and steam-cleaning functionalities, but it also allows you to use the two systems simultaneously at one go.

Yes, you read it right. It saves a lot of time by vacuuming up the debris, followed by steaming your floor with a single passage. Meaning, no more nonstop passing for sterilizing your home. However, you always have the option to go for only one system at a time. And all these functionalities come handy within easy-to-operate function keys.

The three-layered mop pad that comes attached with the facet is very efficient in sterilizing hardwood floors, linoleum floors, vinyl floors, and even grouts. It’s also easy to clean and can be washed through a machine, which adds to your overall benefit.

However, there was a concern regarding the steam flow it exerts. The power seemed far less than a typical standalone steam mop when we tested the device. So you may have to pass two or three times more than average to get your job done. But it’s the same reason that allows you to safely use through your hardwood crevices.

Talking about the performance of the vacuum, we found it on par with the average suction power of a typical vacuum cleaner. Yet, the delivery wasn’t anything special compared to high-grade dustbusters. But again, you get what you pay for, and you might even call it one of the best steam mops with a vacuum if you opt to get something that’s best of both worlds at a price this low.

Find Out The Best Steam Mops of 2023 with a Complete Buying Guide 1

The Greats

1. Long and convenient power cord.
2. Lengthy usage limit.
3. Quick heating.
4. Affordable.

The Not So Greats

1. A relatively weaker steaming power.
2. Non-swiveling facet.
3. Average suction power.

LYNSLIM 1300W Non-Chemical Steam Mop

This is one of the most powerful steam mops in the market with a high-speed steam jet that exerts more than 200ºF of extremely heated steam.

The combination of high-speed and high-temperature helps you efficiently fight germs and bacteria on your floor. And since the package includes three different mop options, you can expect it to competently cover all your household, regardless of the surface type. Be it vinyl, tile, laminate, or even wood; you can utilize its heavy cleaning ability without worrying about floor damages.

Its 300 ml water tank is generous enough to provide you with adequate time to clean up multiple rooms. And it also comes with a sound alert system, which beeps aloud whenever it needs a refill.

Apart from the three different microfiber mops, the unit comes with a total of ten different attachments. This is a versatile cleaning machine that hardly compromises with your convenience when cleaning. In the package, you’ll find several types of nozzles that allow you to easily catch up with any hard-to-work-on cleaning contexts.

Most notably, the window cleaning attachment is such a unique piece that rarely comes within any steam cleaning component. Besides, we found it exceptionally handy when trying to sort a way out on narrow crevices. All these goodnesses along with the excellent sanitizing feature make it one of the best steam mops for tile and wood floors.

LYNSLIM 1300W Powerful Non-Chemical Steam Mop

The Greats

1. Exceptional sanitizing ability.
2. Lots of accessories to have you covered in any context.
3. Heats up quick as a flash.
4. 5-meter power cord.

The Not So Greats

Not so durable cleaning pads.

TACKLIFE 1400W Steam Mop (Multifunction Floor Steamer)

If you ever feel that only steaming the floor isn’t good enough to meet your household’s sanitization demands, you may want to look at this Tacklife floor steamer. It’s one of the best steam mops for vinyl floors, having a multifunctional, powerful steamer that not only allows you to steam with water but also water mixed with a cleaning detergent.

You will find a compartment over the facet for pouring in liquid detergent. It enables you to thoroughly clean your tiled floor and vinyl floor when fighting off stubborn stains is your prime concern. The mop is also multifunctional. You can quickly turn it into a handheld steam cleaner within seconds to work on a wide range of surfaces around your household.

We loved its 180-degree free-form flexing swivel head that doesn’t take much effort while maneuvering. It allows you to get your way into tough-to-reach areas in no time, so no dirt spot is left uncleaned. However, the poorly designed head joint may annoy a few, as it may detach automatically if you work with more pressure.

The 1400-watt steamer is efficient enough to provide you with enough power necessary for cleaning the floors with minimal effort. And it’s also the reason behind its quick heating time. You’ll hardly have to wait more than half a minute before it gets ready for cleaning actions. Besides, the 380 ml water tank makes sure you get a minimum of twenty minutes of cleaning time before a refill is required.

Along with so many time-saving features, you’ll find loads of convenient attachment pieces to add to its worth. Wire brush, angle nozzle, nylon round brush, scraper brush, window cleaner, jet nozzle, all comes packed into the box to make your cleaning experience all the more painless.

TACKLIFE 1400W Steam Mop

The Greats

1. Exceptional performance on vinyl floors.
2. Convenient revolving head.
3. Loads of additional cleaning accessories.
4. Easy refilling process.
5. Adequate cleaning time.

The Not So Greats

The loose mop head may detach automatically if you put a bit more pressure.

SIMBR Steam Mop

This product from SIMBR is another steam cleaner on our list that offers a convenient cleaning experience with loads of attachment options at an incredibly cheaper price.

In the box, you’ll find nylon scraping brushes, crack brush, window cleaning brush, and two microfiber cloths. Also, the inclusion of a window brush along with a squeegee will make your window cleaning a breeze.

However, the corner nozzle attachment is what attracted us the most in terms of convenience. It allows you to tackle the tricky corners of your house, fitting properly in your first attempt and requiring no further jostling to ensure the peace of your mind. More so, the triangular facet flexes one eighty degrees without any hassle to make the maneuvers all the more comfortable.

The design too is worthy of some praise for its compactness. You can fold it effortlessly with only a push of a button. And it rarely takes much space wherever you place it, eliminating your headaches of finding it suitable storage.

This cheap steam mop has some obvious drawbacks, though. Despite it heats up real quick, its temperature doesn’t rise high enough to satisfy your cleaning demands. Specifically, when you attempt to clean the tough stains from tiles or vinyl floors. Also, the tank has a limited capacity to hold water, which allows no more than ten minutes of cleaning.

While the catches of this product may deter a few potential suitors, the price may draw a few as well. If you don’t require so heavy cleaning around your household, or you’ll only need to cover a tiny workspace, this affordable steam mop can get the job done for you.

SIMBR Steam Mop

The Greats

1. Cheap price tag.
2. Efficient corner nozzle attachment.
3. Compact design for easy storage.
4. Variant attachment options.

The Not So Greats

1. Limited-capacity water tank.
2. Not-so-competent steam flow.

How to Choose The Best Rated Steam Mops?
The Ultimate Buying Guide

best steam mops on the market

Steam mops come really handy as a solution pragmatically when it comes to cleaning the household without the use of frowzy chemicals or other greasy cleaning agents. Besides, the fact that they support a variety of floor types, you can have them at your disposal for multiple cleaning jobs.

However, with so many brands and tens of dozens of steam mops out there in the market, it’s natural that you’ll find it a bit hefty of a job when choosing the most suitable product that matches your necessity. But when you are well aware of the essential factors to consider before making the selection, the hassles cut down to the minimum.

Let’s give you a hand with our ultimate buying guide down below that will hopefully clarify those essential factors for better comprehension.

What Is a Steam Mop?

Steam mops are one of the latest and most convenient additions in the world of cleaning technology that you can use for cleaning various types of floors including vinyl, tile, hardwood flooring, linoleum, and even carpets.

As the name suggests, these mops use hot steam for cleaning floors, unlike your typical mops that require bleach, detergent, phenylene, or similar cleaning agents.

More so, it not only manages to wipe and clean your floor but also disinfects it without requiring you to spill those harsh chemicals onto your floor. It uses a strong jet of steam spray to draw up stains, dirt, and invisible germs sparing you of all those messes you would have had with those murky liquids.

These mops don’t do the cleaning job intensively though. They have a microfiber cleaning pad underneath the steaming jet that collects and traps all the dirt. Most of these pads are washable and reusable.

Steam mops mostly come with a small water reservoir along with the dry steam functionality.

How Does It Work?

Best rated Steam mops

Steam mops boast a water vaporizer that creates steam when you pour water into it. It then pumps the steam out through the cleaner head. The inserted water is typically heated between the range of 200-275°F. The scorching moisturizer molecules then lodge with the grime expedite the extraction procedure. You apply this boiling water vapor onto the surfaces to neutralize and capture the microscopic germs on contact.

A competent steam mop will do the dirty work for you, replacing or reducing the urge for harsh and costlier cleaning chemicals. They wholly eliminate any scrubbing or the pressure you need to apply during a clean-up, using the power of steam-embed technology.

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Difference Between Steam Mops and Steam Cleaners

Despite the two sound pretty much similar to each other, with the same driving force enabling them to do the cleaning job, there are a whole lot of differences between them.

Unlike steam mops, steam cleaners are not completely reliant on steam even though their name suggests so. In reference to carpet cleaning, which they are mostly armed for, the cleaning actually renders a water extraction process. 

A steam cleaner runs on a cleaning method that requires a piece of equipment, which can spray hot water mixed with chemicals. After you have sprayed the mix onto your carpet or floor, it vacuums up the applied water along with the stubborn grimy particles dislodged in the process.

So, here’s a big difference. Where a steam mop rests the cleaning job entirely upon it, a steam cleaner will require the help of a chemical cleaning agent. Therefore, it doesn’t suit best to those who are eyeing to cut short their budget on cleaning chemicals. Moreover, the application of direct steam onto carpet fibers can shrink it for permanent damage.

However, steam cleaners are the best investment when it comes to cleaning floors with grouts and several appliances and upholsteries of your house. For instance, cleaning your oven, refrigeration systems, subwoofers, and furniture like sofas, handheld items and such. You can clean the hard-to-reach, hard-to-sweep areas of these items effortlessly with a steam cleaner than anything else.

Why Should You Use a Steam Mop?

Best Multi-Purpose Steam Mops

Among the vast number of benefits a steam mop provides, here are the key ones.

Know Before You Go

Best Steam Mops For Hardwood Floors

➔ Do you really need a Steam Mop?

Undoubtedly, this should be the first of your concerns. Before fantasizing about the idea of steam mopping your floors, you must have the proper mindset. After all, why waste the hefty bucks for a device that’ll end up in your nearest salvage yard before the turn of the next month.

Steam mops force the vapor into the crevices and cracks of the floors that the other cleaning methods might miss. So floors, (wooden floors more specifically) with cracks and gaps, no matter how small, are more vulnerable to damage.

To be specific, do not go for steam mops if you opt to use it on your wooden or laminated floor, which gets easily damaged with vapor consumption. Also, vinyl and similar materials warp with the entailed heat.

➔ Do you want a machine that sweeps and steams?

If you’re looking to steam and sweep with a single machine, a steam mop can be your perfect match. But we suggest not to use the machine for occasional sweeping jobs without the steam as it can needlessly scrape the cleaning pad.

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➔ Do you need to sanitize?

Most steam mops come with heat settings ranged up to 250ºF, but there are also a few models that do not offer more than 100ºF.

If sanitization is among your purposes of buying a steam mop, make sure it can heat up to at least 120ºF. At this temperature, you can stave off the germs from a typical dusty floor with tap water. But mops with lesser maximum heat setting may not sanitize your floor at all. You can only go for those if you can compromise sanitization concerns.

➔ Do you need to steam more than just the floor?

It’s essential to consider whether you’re planning to apply the steam on your other household appliances or the floors alone. Like we said previously, steam mops are not the best choice to clean appliances with hard to reach areas.

We do not recommend steam cleaning your gadgets with a steam mop, you’d be better off with a steam cleaner for those purposes instead.

Types of Steam Mops

Best Steam Mops For Laminate Floors

Well, it gets tricky when considering the types of steam mops as you can easily mistake them with several types of steam cleaners.

But you can always make the distinguishment considering a few factors. Take the power supply option for instance. A steam mop can run on power supplied with a cord or without a cord.


A cordless one requires you to charge it up well before use. It’s always recommended to check the amount of charge its battery can hold when making a purchase. After all, who wants to get annoyed by zero battery every once in a while in the middle of cleaning.


Another difference can be figured by multifunctional cleaning ability. Unlike most steam mops out there, which only offers the steam embedding technology, you’ll find a handful of other models that offers vacuum cleaning alongside it.

Triangular Head/Rectangular Head

In terms of cleaning, both the head shapes share a similar delivery of performance. But when it comes to ensuring the ultimate convenience when cleaning through tight spaces and hard-to-reach corners of your house, a triangular head gets the upper hand. On the other hand, a rectangular head cuts short the cleaning time when working on bigger surfaces.

Apart from these three categories, there are also a few cylindrical-shaped steam mopping devices that offer vaporous brushing along with the features of a steam mop. However, they are more of a steam cleaner than a steam mop in terms of the cleaning process and the aftermaths.

Types of Floors

Best Steam Mops For Tile And Grout
Best Steam Mops For Tile And Wood Floors

Although you can clean the hard surfaces using the steam, you will want to seriously consider a few facts before you use it on several surface types and determine if it’s safe for the floor or not.

For instance, when opting to clean up hardwood floors, you must ensure that your steam mop comes with the adjustability of steam flow settings. The residual moisture may seep between the crevices to cause damage. So it should let you control the moisture levels and heat levels that the floor is about to be imposed with.

The residual moisture can haze over some wooden floors with waxed finishes. You must check it carefully whether your mop is suitable for grouts or not as an incompatible one may totally ruin it. Besides, you should also check if the mop will void any available warranty of your flooring.

And if your intention is to restore the carpet fibers, you’ll need a steam mop that includes an efficient carpet attachment. It should raise the bottom adequately to keep your carpet safe.

Consider the Cleaning Area

You cannot help considering the cleaning area that you’re about to use the mop on. After all, it’s the main reason why you’ll be purchasing one. Especially for a larger house with multiple stories. Compare the facts mentioned down below.

The capacity of the Water Tank

Naturally, the larger your home, the larger the water tank should be. Be sure your steam mop is generous enough to provide adequate storage for the amount of water necessary.

Cord Length

If you have a small house with not so large floors to clean, you should be okay with most of the cord lengths of the mops available out there. But you must take a good look at it when you have a larger house. Check and match the length to find out whether it’ll allow you to move conveniently when cleaning multiple rooms without forcing you to unplug it and plug it back every time.


The Facet

A small cleaning facet of the mop will consume more of your time, requiring more swipes for a thorough cleaning. So you’ll be wise to go for the one with a large facet to clean more areas of the floor at once. It’ll be a great feature to have when you have a large surface to cover. Furthermore, a swivel facet makes it easier to reach tight spaces and wipe conveniently.

Germ Killing Ability

Almost every steam mop claims to be having germ-killing mechanisms. However, the credence to these proclamations may vary from floor to floor in terms of what circumstances you are using it.

For example, for regular dust cleaning on a dry floor, a mere 120°F is good enough to fend off the germs with tap water. But when cleaning wet surfaces like bathroom floors or patios, the temperature must be raised to a minimum of 200°F for a proper germ-killing.

Other Key Features to Look for

Find Out The Best Steam Mops of 2023 with a Complete Buying Guide 2

Cleaning Pad

The cleaning pads are mainly made of microfibre, where a few come with cheap towel cloth as well. The microfibre pads efficiently trap the shifted dirt and carry away with little or no left-overs. Also, you would want the steam mop to offer multiple pads, particularly if you need to accomplish longer, diurnal cleaning jobs. It will allow you to swap one for another quickly after you have got the first one dingy.

Additionally, we’ll recommend going for machine-washable cleaning pads to cut short the additional cleaning hassles. And it must be durable enough, so you don’t require a new one any time soon.

Pad Rest

Pad rests come handy to sit the mop in the middle of a cleaning job when taking quick intervals. It helps the device to stay put in one place and spares you of any worries regarding floor damages. Some pad rests also includes a cooling feature. When putting the device to rest, you can activate the cooling with the mat that comes within the pad rest.

Carpet Glider

You would love to have this attachment with the package if you wish to use the mop on your carpet. The glider comes handy when freshening up your carpet and for ousting minor soiling.

Easy Handling

You certainly wouldn’t like the idea of bending down your back every once in a while when sweeping. So make sure the steam mop has an expanded length of its wand. And you will also won’t want it to be much cumbersome as well.

Easy Fill

Most of the steam mop models these days come with an easy-to-fill water tank, but the number of those requiring you to sweat your soul out is also huge. You must make sure that the product you buy has an easy water filling feature, to spare yourself the annoyance of such difficult pouring jobs. This is particularly essential if your working area is large and requires frequent pouring.

Built-In Power Switch

This functionality says for itself. Some steam mops instantly start operating whenever you plug them in, and some come with power switch allowing you to on and off as you like, which is safer and more convenient.


Having a steaming device that lets you control the heat and steam flow is really handy. And in most cases, it’s all the more essential since not every surface requires the same amount of steam flow or heat for sterilizing.

Steam/Heat Indicator Light

Indicator lights are a handy feature that tells you when the device is heated up and the steam is ready to use.

Emptiness Indicator Light

This feature notifies you whenever the water reservoir is empty and needs a refill.

Steam Lock Switch

This feature cuts the hassle of holding down the switch when cleaning up with a continuous flow of steam. You’ll only have to press the steam lock-on switch once, and it’ll activate a non-stop flow until you press it again shut. In contrast, the steam lock-off switch will let you clean without the steam; it’s a feature mostly noticed in the mops that offer vacuum cleaning functionality.

Heat-Up Time

What’s the use of purchasing a steam mop if it doesn’t heat up fast enough to provide quick cleaning. So you’ll want your device to heat up as fast as possible. The heating time varies within the range of 20 seconds to 5 minutes.


Many of the models out there come with limited endurance and are hardly able to work beyond 10 minutes before requiring you to put it to rest for several minutes. People with smaller cleaning areas to cover, or requiring a short period of cleaning should be okay with this. But we recommend going for the device with superior endurance if you happen to be requiring a mop to clean larger areas.

Detachable Steam Generator

This is a feature dedicated to 2-in-1 steam mops that provides a vapor cleaning facility. You can pull the detachable steam generator out of the device when vapor cleaning, and minimize the overall weight thereby. However, not all such products boast this feature.

Accessory Tools

Jet nozzles, additional small brushes, window-cleaning nozzles, nylon scrapers are useful tools when you clean the grouts between the spaces of the tiles or shower cubicles and similar areas.


It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? You’ll be wise to get the product that serves your purpose in the best possible way while fitting into your budget. Also, you should keep in mind that price is not the decisive factor when it comes to a product’s quality. There are highly-priced products in the market that neither have the quality nor has the traits to meet your cleaning demands.

Some Popular Brands


Household cleaning and Bissel; the two are pretty synonymous with each other for over a century. Since its foundation in 1876, the brand has become the most popular choice for cleaning appliances with commitment and trust.

And the brand has managed to live up to their name in today’s generation as well. Their productions of best-rated steam mops have spread beyond the country to achieve similar success. They focus on making the most efficient germ-killing steam mops and most of the products are well-balanced to fit into any cleaning requirement regardless of the surface type. If you want to purchase the best overall steam mop, Bissel has to be on top of your priority.


Shark is a popular brand that is primarily renowned for its broad range of vacuum cleaner productions. Over the past few years, they have also produced quite a few competent models of modern-day steam mops. Ans since the manufacture of their first product, the brand has gone on to bring catchy upgrades in each of the later models. You can expect their devices to have all the up-to-date features required for comfortable cleaning experience.


The iconic brand has a good reputation for producing unique electronic cleaning devices. Their uniqueness lies within the innovative technologies they incorporate with their products. For instance, their steam mops that utilize an ultrasonic vibration for cleaning have been exemplary to other popular models in recent years. And most of their models are costlier than those of their rivals.

Apart from these brands, Light n’ Easy, O-Cedar, Kmart, and Kogan are among a few other mention-worthy names that have gained the consumers’ trust with a range of reliable productions.

Maintenance of best steam mops on the market

Find Out The Best Steam Mops of 2023 with a Complete Buying Guide 3

Once you have purchased the steam mop that suits your cleaning purpose, you must ensure its maintenance in the proper way. With several complicated internal parts, it’s obvious that they’ll require you to put additional efforts for looking after it, and it’s one of the key reasons why it puts off so many potential buyers.

However, being aware of a few know-how, you can cut down a lot of headaches and ensure a long lifespan of your steam mop while also retaining its top cleaning standards. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Use Distilled Water-

With each use, there will be possibilities of building up limescale or likewise minerals inside your steam mop. They cause nozzle clogging to weaken your device’s heating functionalities and lengthen the time it needs to get ready for use. The best way to avoid this issue is by using distilled water when cleaning.

2. Avoid Soap and Chemical-

You must avoid using soapy water with your steam mop, except for when you buy a model that allows such cleaning. And since these mops aren’t meant for chemicals, keep them away for good.

3. Keep It Clean and Unplugged-

Clean it every now and then, especially the reservoir and the adjacent nozzle. Don’t forget to unplug it and switch it off after every use.

4. Look after the Pads-

The pads are the most vulnerable parts of a steam mop and more prone to hit with damage. Since cleaning them doesn’t take much effort (Specifically machine-washable pads), you should do it after each use. But remember to avoid using fabric softener when cleaning it.

Lastly, although the thought of cleaning your device regularly seem so painful, you should make it your habit to retain the mop’s diligence and quality of cleaning.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using Steam Mops

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, they do. From the detailed discussion we had above, it’s pretty evident that they do a decent and thorough cleaning job.

It depends on what temperature you’re working with. When cleaning grouts, we recommend keeping the heat at the lowest level. But before that, it’s more essential to know whether your device is compatible with grouts or not.

Mostly not, as the delicacy of the laminate floor may lead to potential damages when applied with heat. But these days, top manufacturers are producing steam mops that are laminate-friendly. You’ll find a few of them in our review.

It depends on how you use it. If you keep the heat at a moderate level and avoid steaming through the floor cracks or crevices, it should be fine. But it may damage your floor if the steam manages to seep down the narrow voids.

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We have gathered and reviewed the most popular models all over the internet that people have found useful. Most of the products we’ve mentioned above are highly rated across the famous online shops.

We do not recommend doing so. It is not specialized for laminate surfaces.

No, you can’t. In fact, you should not put anything else other than freshwater.

But for other brands, read this.

The Bissel Powerfresh and the Reliable Steamboy pro are among the best-rated models that are specialized for wood floors.

They do, as long as you steam with the amount of heat necessary for the sanitization. The standard level is around 120ºF. However, it also depends on the quality of steam exertion from your device.

Yes, they efficiently can. Since the steam penetrates deep down the pores of your surfaces, it cleans deeply to kill and remove molds.

Wrapping It Up...

We have reached the end of this article. Hopefully, through our in-depth discussion, you now have a clearer idea about steam mops, how they work, and why you need one. And more importantly, now you know what it takes to make a decent purchase and how to make the most out of it.

With the best steam mops reviews right in front of your eyes, you can wisely choose the one that suits you the most. So go ahead and make the proper selection, and freshen up your household in the way it deserves.

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