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5 Best Rowenta Xcel Steamer Reviews: Are They Worth It?

The best rowenta xcel steamer reviews

Whether you want to use it to get rid of the wrinkles of your clothes or to sanitize your furniture, a steamer can be quite a useful appliance. They are portable and easier for daily use than conventional irons.

While there are many brands, Rowenta sits among the few ones that are reputed for making some of the best handheld garment steamers.

In this article, we shared why you should choose this brand and the right ones to pick from our best Rowenta Xcel steamer reviews. To help you decide, we revealed our recommendation at the end as well.

Now, let’s get started.

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Rowenta DR6131 Handheld Steamer

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Why Choose Rowenta Handheld Steamers?

Rowenta, the German manufacturer, makes a wide range of garment care solutions. Their appliances represent 110+ years of Garman expertise and are very well known.  The brand excels at making steamers and they come in all sizes, from portable ones that you can carry in your bags to larger models.

So, it becomes easier for you to choose the one best suited for the particular needs. Most of these steamers have earned a good overall rating from the users. It is simply due to the unique features and quality they come with.

However, there are a few reasons that separate Rowenta Steamers than others:

Steam: Rowenta uses a unique steam distribution that ensures proper steam penetration across the entire soleplate. This in-turn secure efficient ironing.

Heat: Rowenta offers quick and even heat distribution across the whole soleplate. So, no hot spots. Thanks to the thick central aluminum used on it.

Glide: Uses of high quality stainless steel soleplates take Rowenta one step ahead of the competition. It provides optimum glide through fabrics and ultimately reduces effort.

Water: Rowenta steamers are tap water safe. So, no worries about spitting or leakage.

Rowenta Xcel Steamers at a glance

For your convenience, we have put together a list of top 5 Rowenta Xcel steamers that shows their corresponding values:

Product Name


Top Features


Rowenta DR6131
(Most reliable)

5 Best Rowenta Xcel Steamer Reviews: Are They Worth It? 2

Rowenta DR7000
(Most affordable)

5 Best Rowenta Xcel Steamer Reviews: Are They Worth It? 3

Rowenta DR7051
(Best Value)

5 Best Rowenta Xcel Steamer Reviews: Are They Worth It? 4

Rowenta DR8120
(Best Overall)

5 Best Rowenta Xcel Steamer Reviews: Are They Worth It? 5

Rowenta DR8080
(Most user-friendly)

5 Best Rowenta Xcel Steamer Reviews: Are They Worth It? 6

Rowenta ixeo qr1020
(All In One Iron and Steamer)
(Bonus for you)

5 Best Rowenta Xcel Steamer Reviews: Are They Worth It? 7

5 Best Rowenta Xcel Steamer Reviews

rowenta handheld garment steamers

1. Rowenta DR6131 Handheld Steamer

Affordable, yet deliver great steam performance safely on fabrics makes this one of the most reliable among Rowenta handheld garment steamers. The lightweight frame and streamlined design produce comfortable outcomes for hassle free garment care.

  • Heats Up Quickly

This steamer is convenient and ready to use in no time. It takes only 15 seconds to heat-up entirely, making it the fastest among handheld steamers.

  • Outstanding Steaming

It provides continuous steam of up to 20 grams per minute. With 1150 watts power, it is perfect for fast sanitizing and de-wrinkling.

  • Safe yet Versatile

Without dripping hot water, it gets rid of the wrinkles of larger garments. The back of its head is flat, so you can put it down safely without the risk of damaging any surfaces. It kills 99% of bacteria and bed bugs without the use of harmful chemicals.

  • Flexible To Use

Unlike the kettle shaped steamers, it does not require time to cool down before refilling. You can easily detach the removable water tank and refill it instantly. You can steam horizontally when needed for larger outfits without spitting hot water or leakage.

  • Lightweight

Even though it is slightly larger, it weighs less than 25 oz, making it one of the best travel steamers around.

Rowenta DR6131 Handheld Steamer



2. Rowenta Xcel Steam Compact DR7000

If you are looking for a powerful steamer to meet your everyday steaming needs and to carry in your traveling bag,  this compact Rowenta Xcel DR7000 Steam could be the best bet.

This compact steamer comes with all the features to steam hanging clothes and roll back wrinkles fast without harming the integrity of the fabrics. It is easy to refill, and the extra-long cord is a big plus!

  • Self Standing Base

Its compact design is perfect for a traveling bag and easy storage. It comes with a self-standing base, so it doesn’t need to be held when used.

  • Detachable Water Tank

It is easy to remove the 150 ml water tank and refill whenever you want. With regular tap water, this steamer can bring wrinkle-free clothes without spitting or leaking.

  • Smart Accessories

It comes with a fabric brush enabling you to steam heavier fabrics, a door hook to steam anywhere and a bonnet to avoid staining on delicates.

  • Excellent Glide

The soleplates are made of high-quality stainless steel for an effortless experience through maximum glide, perfect for anything from delicate silk to cotton and linens.

  • High Steam Flow

The incredible 1100 W power allows unique steam distribution and continuous steam output at 17 g/ minute speed. As a result, it removes stubborn wrinkles  and sanitizes any garments easily and quickly.

Rowenta Xcel Steam Compact DR7000



3. Rowenta Xcel Steam Travel DR7051

For a smooth and hassle-free experience, this handheld travel steamer is the one you should obtain. It gives the most excellent results by ensuring an even and quick distribution of heat without leaving hot spots.

  • Dual Voltage

The dual voltage option (220V and 120V) makes it effective under most circumstances to remove wrinkles.

  • Portable Design

Its compact size and user-friendly design allows it to fit comfortably in your palms and doesn’t take much space to fit in your travel bag perfectly.

  • Helpful Accessories

Like the previous one we reviewed, this also comes with a fabric brush to help you remove wrinkles from the heavy garment, a steam bonnet to stop dripping on fabrics, and a door hook to widen its steaming usage. Additionally, you get a travel bag to store it safely.

  • Removable Water Tank

The water tank comes in 150 ml size and provides 1100 watts power. You can remove the water tank and refill it directly from your sink. It delivers long 8 minutes steaming until the next refill.

  • Heat-Up

The 150 ml water tank requires only 45 seconds to heat up and produce efficient, on time results.

  • Sanitizing

Almost 99.9 % of bacteria and dust mites get killed by this steamer what makes the fabric clean and look fresh.

5 Best Rowenta Xcel Steamer Reviews: Are They Worth It? 8



4. Rowenta dr8120 x-cel fabric steamer

Unlike most of the steamers of similar prices, this powerful Rowenta Xcel Plus Hand-held steamer can steam your clothes efficiently and continuously for 10 long minutes.  Check out more amazing features in this Rowenta DR8120 x-cel review.

  • Unique Metal-Face-plate

The heated iron face-plate is good enough to easily iron away the stubborn wrinkles on your clothes.

  • Two Steam Mode

It has two steam levels- delicate and turbo level. Turbo mode is suitable for heavy fabric, and the delicate mode is for use on delicate garments. Having this flexible options allow more control over your operation.

  • Multipurpose

It comes with a long 9.5 feet cord for your ease of use. You can use it to steam and sanitize your couches, pet-beds, drapes, and other fabrics.

  • Flexibility

The heated sole-plate lets you use in both vertical and horizontal motion. Additionally, the sturdy base and steam locker enhance your control of movement, helping you to steam any type of fabric at your convenience.

  • Powerful Steamer

It generates remarkable 1600 W power to provide 26g/minute steam flow, which sets it apart from other steamers on our list. The heat up time is quick (40 sec) as well for fast action.

  • Long Steaming

With a 190 ml removable water tank, it can continuously steam your clothes for 10 minutes without condensation.

  • Useful Accessories

The package includes four accessories to increase the scope for steaming significantly. It comes with a steam bonnet and a fabric brush to work on thin and heavy fabrics respectively. A door hook will assist you in hanging clothes for proper steaming.

Lastly, they offer a crease attachment. This allows perfect creases on your pants or jackets.

rowenta dr8120 x-cel steamer



5. Rowenta dr8080 x-cel steam

It is yet another excellent powerful handheld steamer that gives you wrinkle free clothes in no time. It brings some amazing features that make it worth considering.

  • Easy to Handle

Its ergonomic design is the first feature that makes it unique. It comes in only 2.2 lbs weight and with a comfortable handle to promote a pleasant experience.

  • Large Steam Head

With its wide steam head and different modes, it can provide maximum steam distribution. The soleplate is made of stainless steel that conducts better heat and provides a quick and even results.

  • Easy Storage

Amazingly designed body of this steamer has a chair hanger and stable base. So you can store it anywhere you want.

  • Steam Trigger

It comes with a steam trigger and a built-in switch to give continuous steam and often bursts according to your need.

  • Powerful Flow

With 1500W power it can deliver 22 g/ minute steam flow, making it one of the most efficient steamers on the list. Clearly understandable why it can steam long 10 minutes without interruption.

rowenta dr8080 x-cel steam



A Bonus All in One Rowenta Garment Steamer + Iron for you!

Here we have included another review to widen your options. This is quite expensive comparing to what we have reviewed so far but worth the penny.

This is the all in all best iron and steamer solution you could buy for yourself.

Check out why:

6. Rowenta Ixeo Qr1020 Iron and Steamer

  • Adjustable Height

This feature is quite useful for different steaming purposes. Its flat board height can be adjusted from 30 inches to 45.5 inches.

  • Adjustable Board

The use of Smart Board technology allows it to adjust in 3 positions. Vertical when you’re steaming, flat when ironing, and angled when you’re steaming and ironing simultaneously.

  • Most Powerful Steam Flow

With 1500W power, the device can achieve 30g/minute steam flow taking its efficiency to a new height to satisfy all your garment care needs.

  • Clever Ironing Head Design

The stainless steel slope plate gets rid of the wrinkles faster than any other Rowenta model.

  • Temperature Control

With its automatic heating features, the temperature is adjusted automatically to iron or steam any fabrics safely. It also cleans (sanitize) furniture like sofas and beds without issues.

rowenta ixeo qr1020 all in one iron and steamer
rowenta steamer xcel



Which Rowenta Steamer Is The Best?

After considering their prices and the features these steamers offer, Rowenta dr8120 x-cel steamer is the best overall option for us! It is fast, powerful, provides a wide distribution of steam with a large storage tank along with other practical features. It’s the ease of use, versatile options, and the durability of the product that sets it apart. 

Final Words…

Coming to the end of our best Rowenta Xcel steamer reviews, we hope that this article has provided the information you need before getting your hands on your desired Rowenta steamer.

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