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Proctor Silex Compact Grill Review (Best Under $25)

Proctor Silex indoor Grill
proctor silex compact grill review

Are you looking for one of the best contact grills under $25?  Then you cannot go past the proctor Silex Compact indoor grill. Suitable for a quick one-person meal, this small grill easily fits in limited storage space.

Now let’s find out all the key features and benefits in this Proctor Silex compact grill review and see if it worth the money.

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Proctor Silex Compact Grill Review
(A general overview)

If you are familiar with cooking appliances, then you must have heard the name Hamilton Beach. Yes, Hamilton Beach is a popular brand among cooking enthusiasts, and Proctor Silex is a reliable subsidiary company under their belt.

They provide varieties of kitchen appliances like juicers, grill, coffee maker, blender, food processor, and so on. All their products are rigorously tested to meet their standards and therefore last longer. So, it is safe to say this Proctor Silex contact grill will offer the desired durability and performance at this price range.

This beginner-friendly Proctor Silex electric Grill comes with an easy to understand manual guide. Its 32 sq. grill surface along with 1300 W capacity easily fit two small hamburgers for a quick and hassle free cooking. Moreover, it gives rise to a low-fat dish because the excess fat drips away from the grill into a drip tray.

The drip tray is dish-washing safe due to its non-stick texture. It is a tiny indoor grill (9.6″L x 7.2″ W x 5.1″H) and the top lid can be closed from both sides. Apart from this, its 1.54 lb weight feels very light, allowing you to store it anywhere in the kitchen with ease.

Features and Benefits of Proctor Silex indoor Grill

Simple Mechanism

Portable indoor grills are often easier to operate compared to other larger and complicated grills. No difference for this proctor silex compact grill. Its simple built-in features make mealtime easy and convenient.

Washable And Easy To Clean Parts

This Proctor Silex countertop grill doesn’t cause any hazard for cleaning. It has got a non-stick grilling surface and a removable dishwasher safe drip tray to make cleaning simpler. It only takes a tiny dish soap on a couple of wet paper towels to wipe the grilling surface. Later you can dry the surface with a dish towel. It is that piece of cake.

Versatile Use

It can work as a 5 in 1 cooking appliance. Because you can use it like a full griddle, contact grill, Panini press, half grill/half griddle, and a full grill at the same time. This allows you to grill anything such as the small steaks, chicken breasts, cheese, or sausages as long as they fit in its small surface. Hamburgers, sandwiches, pancakes, fresh veggies are done well with this appliance too.

Small But Effective Fat Dripping

Proctor Silex Compact grill comes to make an easy grill for health-conscious people. Because it features a removable drip tray that will collect extra fat and oil drippings from your grilled food. However, the tray is very small and can fill up pretty quickly. That’s why you should not walk away when it is cooking.

Fast Grill

Despite its limited size, it cooks faster than a conventional stove or large grill. For us, it took less than 10 minutes to cooks up a raw chicken breast and it was juicy and tender to eat. So, you can set the grill in this cookware and get to the eating part earlier than you might expect.

Indicator Light And Polarized Plug

It has dual control with indicator lights located on top. Besides, this product provides a polarized plug to avoid electric shock.

Easy Storage Size

Basically, it is designed to suit 1 or 2 person’s grilling needs. Therefore, it shouldn’t have to be bigger than its (9.6″L x 7.2″ W x 5.1″H) size. This also tells us that it takes almost no space in your storage.

Proctor Silex compact indoor Grill Specifications at a Glance

Value for Money
Easy to Clean
Easy to Use

Are Proctor Silex Countertop Grill Good?



Final Verdict…

The idea behind this Proctor Silex compact grill review was to share valuable information that you might need before you can get your hands on this product. If you ask me, I would say this Proctor Silex indoor Grill can be a perfect addition for your home, dorm, and office. Overall, it will help make your busy life feels easier.

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