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What are the Top 7 Best Contact Grills of 2021?- Reviews with A Complete Buying Guide

best contact grills for steaks

Everybody enjoys holidays and weekends with loved ones! Without grilled food, the party is never finished. Cooking on grills usually means delicious food, but only after hours straight struggling with heat and flames from coal smokes.

Thankfully, technology has advanced, and the electric contact grills replaced the conventional grills. If you are searching for the best contact grills, it is not unexpected. At this time, barbecuing or grilling at home doesn’t take a lot of time and effort!

You can grill even inside. So, there’s no need to wait for the grilling season. In a maximum of 10 minutes, I have a round of food cooked as it has a dual surface.

And the exciting thing about food preparing for grilling is all occurs when the food is in the fridge. Contact grilling is so easy that I’d actually love if I could cook rice on the grill as well!

So now, get the best contact grill, host a barbecue party, and enjoy grilling!

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What is a contact grill?

First off, you need to know what a contact grill is. The most popular way to grill indoors is to use a contact grill.

It is a grill function with electrical power and has non-stick materials. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you a fortune if you buy the correct one. Besides, there are lightweight contact grills that are easy to use.

It also cooks the top and bottom of your food super fast, thanks to the dual surface. Besides, since it’s a simple plug-n-play device, you get the ultimate convenience when you’ll use it.

The food you’re getting in return is delicious, healthy and moist. With a contact grill, you can eat healthy as it extracts fat from your meat as it cooks.

Cooking delicious burgers and steaks is just super easy. Their bendable design even makes them ideal for cooking meat while preserving meat drippings, flavor, and aroma.





What are the Top 7 Best Contact Grills of 2021?- Reviews with A Complete Buying Guide 1

Hamilton Beach 25361 indoor grill


Best Value Contact grill

What are the Top 7 Best Contact Grills of 2021?- Reviews with A Complete Buying Guide 2

Maxi-Matic EMG-980R Indoor Grill


Best for to catching unwanted oil & fat

What are the Top 7 Best Contact Grills of 2021?- Reviews with A Complete Buying Guide 3

SEAAN Electric Grill


Best Multifunctional Contact Teppanyaki Grill under $150

What are the Top 7 Best Contact Grills of 2021?- Reviews with A Complete Buying Guide 4

Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill


Best Electric Contact Grill under $100

What are the Top 7 Best Contact Grills of 2021?- Reviews with A Complete Buying Guide 5

Proctor Silex indoor Grill


5 in 1: full grill, contact grill, half grill/half griddle, panini press & full griddle.
Also best for Paleo & keto diets under $75

What are the Top 7 Best Contact Grills of 2021?- Reviews with A Complete Buying Guide 6

Krups Precision indoor grill


Best grill with Removable Dishwasher Safe Nonstick Plate

What are the Top 7 Best Contact Grills of 2021?- Reviews with A Complete Buying Guide 7

DeLonghi Livenza All Day Grill


Best Combination of Contact Grill & Open Barbecue

List of the best contact grills 2020: reviews

What are the Top 7 Best Contact Grills of 2021?- Reviews with A Complete Buying Guide 8

I know there are tons of contact grills in the market right now. But I won’t let you waste your time for the junky ones. Here are the top 7 contact grills that made it to the top in the market.

1. hamilton beach 25361 indoor grill

Who doesn’t want to get outdoor grilling results while grilling indoor, right? Well, you need to get a smokeless flame-free contact grill. Trying Hamilton Beach 25361 can help you enjoy great grills and make you go ‘mmm!’.

This grill boasts a high-heat searing output. For which, you get to have a perfectly cooked meal while the juices and seasoning are secured. It has customizable temperature control.

With this, you’ll be able to change the temperature of the grilling system as you cook your food. To finalize cooking, you can cook your food at high temperatures and then lower the grilling temperature.

You’d love to keep your grill clean after cooking. The grill is built with dishwasher-safe rotating grills. You can’t worry about scrubbing the dishes anymore. The grids are also non-stick. Awesome! This saves you from the bummer while the food sticks to the surface.

To make sure you eat healthy food, the grill comes with an extra-large dip tray. It drains the foods’ excess fats while offering you nothing but a clean healthy meal. The grill non-stick grids encourage healthy dish as well.

You can use the ergonomic knobs and handles to keep the grill cool as you keep on cooking. Which means you get to save your hands from getting burnt easily.

This indoor grill is your best bet if you intend to cook for up to 6-8 servings. It comes with a booklet of directions and some great recipes you might try. So the instructions for this hamilton beach grill are so good, no wonder.

hamilton beach 25361 indoor grill

Highlighted Features

2. Maxi-Matic EMG-980R & 980B Indoor Grill

If you would like to reduce costs, this circular grill can be your ultimate choice for the money. With this indoor grill around, you’ll definitely say that cooking delicious dishes like burgers, ribs, sausages, and vegetables was never easier.

Cooking a wide range of food won’t be a problem from now on in one go. Thanks to the 14 inches non-stick grilling surface the product comes with, you can cook a wide range of food in one go.

Glass lid? Yep, since the lid is made of glass, the heat cannot escape the grill just like that and blend in with mid-air, no. As a result, you get to have deliciously cooked food with mouthwatering taste.

You can also invite your vegetarian friends to join you at your party. Smelling vegies? Well, unlike the typical junks in the market, this grill works great with veggies as well.  So if you’re wondering why it’s considered one of the best indoor grills for vegetables, here’s your answer.

Choose your desired temperature and switch between heat ranges as you cook your food. The grill offers you 5 different temperature control settings.

The heat parameters can be adjusted to cook various foods. Since the set comes with handles with cool-touch safety attributes, you never get to burn your hands again.

The power-cord, on the other hand, is removable and if you want to serve, you can take the entire grill to the table. When you’re done, just simply remove the grill plate for cleaning.

Highlighted Features

3. SEAAN Electric Grill

If I don’t talk about SEEAN electric grill in the best indoor grills reviews, it would be an injustice to you. Looking for a Korean BBQ and combined hot pot experience together? With this indoor electric-grill, you can taste the best of both worlds.  

The grill and the hotpot have ergonomic temperature controls with autonomous five different speed ranges. When the temperature gets too high, it adjusts and maintains the balance all by itself.

With the light indicator feature inside the gig, you’ll be able to see if the grill is still on or not. Thanks to the fast heating system, you get to finish your cooking job in no time.

Grill some steak or bulgogi in a hot, fragrant broth when frying some shrimp. It’s great for having a dinner party, while up to eight people can easily consume this two-fold machine’s grilled and boiled foods.

Stainless steel steamboat pot lasts longer than other materials, so you don’t have to worry about durability. The coated BBQ sides keep the grill non-stick and avoid getting the food sticky. The grill is easy to clean as the parts are dishwasher safe guaranteed. It is easy to assemble and disassemble make it easier to carry and wash.

Highlighted Features

4. Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill

It’s an excellent indoor grill from Zojirushi that’s easy to use yet successful to cook a variety of dishes such as burgers, steaks, etc.

The device comes in an impressive 14.1 x 20.5x 6.1 inches dimension range. With about 12.5-9.25 inches of size and around 1 lb of weight, this non-sticky grill is the perfect thing you’ll need.

Talking non-sticky? Well, you’ll never get to see food sticking on your grill ever again.

The grill offers you the heat range starting from 176 ° F to 410 ° F, making it the best indoor grills for grilling chicken, fish, and other products that do not require extremely high temperatures.

You can remove the cooking surface and the dripping tray very easily. Plus, dismantling this grill is just a piece of cake.

Don’t forget that its drip tray is super easy to clean. As a result, you get to decrease your cleaning job, letting your mind to concentrate on creating and producing nothing but delicious recipes.

You can change the temperature as you desire by using the single-heat control knob. Besides, thanks to the cool-touch handles, you won’t have to burn your hands ever again as you hold them.

It doesn’t come with a lot of flashy features that make it a low-quality device, oh no.  Rather the grill does its job to your satisfaction, and you won’t miss buying this grill at the lowest price from the bottom of the ring.

Highlighted Features

5. Proctor Silex Indoor Grill (5-in-1 Electric Contact Grill)

A convenient sandwich press will grill any thick sandwiches, and the rotating cover means you can press uniformly, and ingredients will not fall out as you break.

Thin grilled delicious sandwiches, cheese sandwich, a crispy submarine sandwich, Cuban sandwich, burger, you name it, you’ll be able to cook a versatile amount of items. All you got to do is get your hands on Proctor-Silex 5 in 1 electric indoor grill.

With the large cooking surface dimension12 x 8 1/2 inches, you’re getting plenty of room for cooking two hearty sandwiches. 

Since it has got a non-stick coating on the surface, there’s no chance of the food getting stuck on it. Say goodbye to those days when your food used to stick on the surface and you literally had to fight to remove them.

This grill is all about user comfort and interference. Once electricity is on and the grill preheats, and you can see the indicator lights illuminating. This really gives you a high-tech premium feel as you cook. Besides, it also shows if the grill is working properly or not.

As for temperature control, you’re provided ergonomic controls with the set, with which, you’ll be able to adjust your desired temperature range at your convenience. So if you’re wondering why it’s one of the best electric contact grills, you better know read this review.

After you’re done with your cooking job, you can easily dismantle it just like you’ve easily set it up. The grill is pretty light in weight, so carrying it with you anywhere won’t be a problem.

As for durability, thanks to the stainless steel exterior body, you get to use this grill for years to come with no problem at all.

Highlighted Features

There is a more cheap Proctor Grill. Read Proctor silex compact grill review.

6. Krups Precision Indoor Grill

This indoor grill is so advanced that it senses your food’s thickness and automatically adjusts to cook all your favorite meals properly.

It creates zero smoke, so you can make delicious barbecue indoors even when it’s too cold or humid for grilling outside straight from your countertop. This feature makes it one of the bests if not the best indoor contact grill.

Choose the model that suits while you’re preparing (Chicken, Burger, Panini, Red Meat, Sausage, Fish) and the grill will set the right temperature and warn you when your food hits any degree of doneness (Rare, Medium-Rare, Medium-Well, Good Done).

Frozen food cooks from frozen to great as it has an automatic heating control feature. It chooses the temperature according to the mode automatically.

It’s angled plates that drip down the excess fat to the extra-large grease tray to make the grill cleaner. The cherry on top is the fact that the grill design drains out excess amounts of oils and fats away from food. The cast aluminum body of the grill is durable and robust.

Highlighted Features

7. Delonghi Livenza All Day Grill

As you’d imagine, this is one of those indoor electric grills that lie reasonably close to an outlet on a countertop. Keep in mind that it’s one of the countertop grills, which is larger. So make sure you’ve got the space before buying it. It is one of the best indoor grills for an apartment or condo.

With this machine, you’re getting a dripping tray, which drains out the oil faster than ever. And you know it’s suitable for meats. But with vegetables, it also does the right grill.

Thanks to the embedded heating element, you get to distribute the heat evenly inside the grill. This makes this device the best contact grills for steaks as well.

That’s perfect if you’re over this barbecue cooking the same foods. However, the necessitate of hotter and colder sides means that if you are cooking veggies as well as thick steaks, you will need to be careful.

The set offers you a thermostat that you can change or remove. The ergonomic temperature knobs let you change the heat settings easily.  It’s not the most advanced system of temperature control, but you get the uniformly cooked food.

Read: Delonghi Indoor Grill Reviews

Highlighted Features

Things to Look for While Buying the best Contact Grills

What are the Top 7 Best Contact Grills of 2021?- Reviews with A Complete Buying Guide 9

To many people, grilled food is their favorite. You require a high-quality contact grill to get the best-grilled dishes. How do you make the right choice? Which are some of the critical things you need to worry about? The preceding suggestions will help you with the best indoor grills to buy.

Power of the Grill

Power is a vital aspect to think of when buying a contact grill. If you don’t want to wait so long when your food is cooking or when you’re warming up, you’ll have to buy a grill that has power over 1800W. This grill will cook you quicker as the plates get heat and faster.

Power Cord Size

If available, check for one with a long power cable, at least 6 ft. A long chord is easier, allows the kitchen countertop to be flexible and easily reached.

Number of Positions

You need to be able to change the position of the contact grill you purchase. The three key positions are the contact grill position for grilling at high temperatures, the place of the oven for gratin cooking and the open toasts, and the position of the barbecue.

The opportunity to raise the height of the upper grilling plate results from all these roles.

See If the Temperature is Adjustable

Is the heat modifiable? When you cook meat, it’s great if you have an adjustable temperature feature in your contact grill. It is because when you start grilling, you need a maximum temperature, but then cook it for the best results on medium heat.

Ridges of Grilling Surface

If you want your beef, boneless chicken, hamburgers, patties, or buns to have perfect grill marks, get a plate with deep ridges. Also, deep ridges cause fat to drain off from fatty meats while cooking.

Size of grilling surface

How much food at a given time do you want to prepare? You don’t need a large grilling surface if you’re grilling for a single person or two. However, you should find a touch grill with a large grilling surface if you have children or a large family.

Quality of the surface

Most of the contact grills have surfaces made of non-stick material. Just look in-depth to ensure that you order the one is non-stick.

Performance of the Grill

There are numerous aspects you need to verify when it comes to performance. How fast the grill heats? Do the top and bottom plates distribute heat evenly? Is it easy to use the controls or not? These are some of the things to determine the grill’s performance.

Is it Easy to Clean?

You need an easy-to-keep contact grill. After every use, it should be easy to clean, so the next time it is ready to use. You need to look up for the best contact grill with removable plates for easy cleaning.

Dishwasher Proof Plates

Usually, these plates can better tolerate scratching due to a higher quality coating. Ensuring that a contact grill is secure for the dishwasher adds to the machine’s longevity.

Are the Parts Replaceable?

Last but essential, research the availability of replacement parts for your preferred specific model before you pick up your grill.

End of the line...

Got a whole idea about a contact grill from the discussion? The above are incredible contact grills for those people who love barbeque, grills, and steaks.

It will help you prepare your favorite dishes throughout the year. They’ve been made for indoors and are also great for people who love to cook on the go. Simply keep in mind one more thing about the food warming tray that offers a great moment of warm food for all times.

You can be sure to cook delicious meat, sandwiches while maintaining their nutritional value by picking any from the best contact grills reviews listed above. Without a mess, you can enjoy grill as they come with easy to use features. It guarantees that both sides of your meat are cooked correctly, without tossing.

Make a comparison of each of the best contact grill’s features and benefits and make sure you select the one best meets your needs.

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